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Miami Dolphins Week 7 Game Ball

Another week, another Miami Dolphins loss.  Another week, another game ball that's just hard to give out.  Seriously, will Miami please win a game or two, so I can give out a game ball for that.  Remember last year, when there were games where it was difficult to pick a game ball winner, because multiple people deserved it?  Now, it's who can I get away with saying had a good game, even though no one really did.

I nearly gave this game ball to Charles Clay, simply because his one 29-yard catch was an outstanding grab.  

Or to Anthony Fasano, because he found that elusive land called the end zone.  

Karlos Dansby played well - when he was actually in the middle of the field, and not clearing out so Tim Tebow can walk in a 2-point conversion - leading the team in tackles.  He had 13 tackles and 1 pass defensed.  The next closest in tackles was Sean Smith, who finished the game with 7 - nearly half as few as Dansby.

And, of course, there's Brandon Fields, who averaged 49.6 yards per kick.  He punted 8 times in the game, with 3 of those ending up inside the Broncos' 20-yard line.  He had a long of 64 yards.

But, in the end, I am going to give this to Cameron Wake.  He had two sacks during the game.  He also had a pass defensed, and three more QB hits.  I know, it was Denver, and they aren't all that special - but, hey, Wake had an impact on the game, even if we did lose - again.