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Broncos at Dolphins - Position by Position Breakdown

Miami Dolphins' quarterback Matt Moore has the advantage over second year Broncos' QB Tim Tebow.
Miami Dolphins' quarterback Matt Moore has the advantage over second year Broncos' QB Tim Tebow.

Here we are, just a couple of hours away from the start of the Dolphins' Week 7 matchup against the Denver Broncos.  But, before we get to the game, we have to get to the position by position breakdown of both teams, and to my official pick for the game.

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Pos Adv  Reason


Matt Moore or Tim Tebow.  I'm going to lean toward the guy with more experience.  That means Moore.



Willis McGahee is starting for the Broncos, and Knowshon Moreno will come off the bench.  McGahee does grade out as the 16th best running back, averaging 4.5 yards per carry.  Miami has Reggie Bush, who, until last week, couldn't find any space at all, and a rookie in Daniel Thomas, who, when he's been able to play, has looked promising.  I'm going to make this a push, but I could see this being Miami's due to the struggles Moreno has had this year, while Miami seems to have finally figured out how to use Bush.
WR/TE Dolphins_50t_medium

The Broncos just traded away their top receiver, Brandon Lloyd.  Now, they have Eric Decker, Eddie Royal, Remaryius Thomas, Matthews Willis, and Quan Cosby.  Add in the tight ends, and they have Daniel Fells, Julius Thomas, Virgil Green, and former Dolphin Dante Rosario.  Meanwhile, Miami has former Bronco Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates, Anthony Fasano, Jeron Matrud, and Will Yeatman.  While all these guys won't be active on game day, no matter what combination you use, Miami has the advantage here.


Football Outsiders grades the Broncos' offensive line as the 18th best run blocking unit in the league, and the 16th best pass blocking.  miami is ranked 6th and 30th.  I'll give this to Denver, sicne they are at least respectable in both categories.

DL Turning again to Football Oustiders, the Broncos are the 7th best d-line against the run, and 9th against the pass.  Miami? 25th and 25th,  Denver.
LB Neither linebacker corps has been performing up to their pre-season projected levels.  Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller for the Broncos need to get going this year.  Meanwhile, Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, and Jason Taylor (yes, I skipped Koa Misi) for the Dolphins have the same issue.  I'm going to lean Miami's way, simply because they have more talent.  But, Denver can continue to streak of games where Miami's LBs are shut down.


Champ Bailey vs. Vontae Davis.  Andre Goodman vs. Sean Smith. For the CBs, the advantage goes to Miami. But, at safety, Denver takes it, with Miami most likely starting two backups at the position.  Overall, push.



Until someone can convince me otherwise, I will continue to give this to Miami as long as Brandon Fields continues to kick the air out of footballs.


Prediction: Miami, 24-21

Record Predicting Dolphins Games: 1-4

Record Predicting All NFL Games: 53-37