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Suck For Luck - Could Andrew Luck Make Draft Day Power Play?

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It's a possibility - could consensus 2012 number one overall pick Andrew Luck make a draft day power play, similar to Eli Manning or John Elway?  Could a team lose enough games to land Luck, only to have him refuse to sign with that team?  Could Luck decide he doesn't want to play for whichever team finds itself picking first, and decide to stay at Stanford for his last year of eligibility?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

The rumors are starting to heat up that Luck could be setting up to following in Manning and Elway's shoes, and pick where he wants to play.  This could be dreadful news for the fan bases in Indianapolis, Denver, and right here in Miami.  Many Dolphins fans have fully embraced the "Suck for Luck" campaign, and a power play by Luck could break many hearts around South Beach.

But, would Luck do that?

According to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, Luck isn't the type of person to pull a power play.  

"He's not Eli Manning or John Elway. He's as good or better, but he's not going to hold the NFL hostage-at least, that's the way I see it," Kawakami writes.

But, that hasn't stopped the rumors.  And, that's not what Albert Breer of has been saying.  

"This well could be Eli Manning in 2004, or John Elway in 1983, if the Luck camp doesn't like the situation the highest picking team presents."

The key in all of this is not Andrew Luck, but rather Oliver Luck, Andrew's father.  The elder Luck is a former NFL quarterback, having played for the Houston Oilers from 1982 to 1986.  He currently serves as the athletic directors for West Virginia University.  And, he realizes that they hold the power in this situation.  And, given the way the Luck family have carefully factored everything into every decision they make with regards to Andrew's future, it's not surprising this is a possibility.

"Absolutely. I've heard that for the last two years,"one college scout told Breer. "There's no question that it could be a Manning thing all over again."    

According to Breer, situations like this are what this particular scout is paid to figure out.

"We talked about this before (Luck's sophomore) season started," said the scout. "Some people know the dad well, and the hands-on approach he has. In Andrew's defense, he seems pretty in control of everything. So I could see it being a mutual decision. And if he can control it, why play behind a (crappy) offensive line, or in a bad situation? He's gonna have that control. If he doesn't like the team there, all he has to do is voice that, and there'll be teams looking to trade up.

"The Luck camp has a ton of firepower here. More than anyone I can remember."

Alex Marvin, Senior NFL writer for, recently spoke on the Joe Rose show on 560 WQAM in Miami.  During their 10-minute conversation, Marvin ripped on the Dolphins and their 2011 season, but really hit on the Andrew Luck situation.  

"There's no guarantees that Andrew Luck would even come to the Dolphins, anyway. And, I'm being serious when I say that.  He controls his fate.  If the Miami Dolphins have the first pick, and he's not happy with what the administration is here, if he's not going to be happy with who his head coach is, or what direction this franchise is headed, I can see this guy, really easily doing a Peyton Manning, an Eli Manning, trying to go ahead and control his fate in the draft."

When Rose asked Marvin if he could see the Lucks making a power play, Marvin responded, "Absolutely...I could very easily see that happening going forward."

Even as fans try to find the silver lining in what has become a miserable season, the rumors are starting that it may not be silver at all.  It just may be more difficulty in finally landing the franchise quarterback to replace Dan Marino - 12 years after he retired.  

And, suddenly, Suck for Luck, may be back to just sucking.