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Suck For Luck Reactions Continue - Miami Dolphins Linebacker Jason Taylor Weighs In

A day after fellow Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby reacted to the "Suck for Luck" campaign, future Hall of Famer Jason Taylor spoke about the growing fan desire to see Miami lose.  And, like Dansby, and former Miami great Dan Marino, Taylor doesn't understand losing just to claim a draft choice.

"I think you can tell what my reaction is to it. Even without asking me, I think you would know what mine is - it's ridiculous. You know, nothing amazes me anymore. You see so many asinine things that are said and talked about nowadays. Me even acknowledging it is kind of condoning the stupidity but it is what it is.

"People are going to talk about it. I think [Luck] addressed it and said it was ridiculous. I'm going to say the same thing. I know there's not one person in that locker room that would ever - call it what it is - throw a game. To lose enough games to get the number one pick."

In fact, the simple idea that the team would lose on purpose, or that anyone in the organization would even suggest the team tank games, Taylor stressed the team's reaction:

"It's just ... If anybody -they never would come down from upstairs to lose games. If it did, there would be a revolt. And Tony [Sparano is] just not that guy. Tony's never going to quit at anything. And I think he would quit before he let that happen. And to be honest, there would be no team to field on the field because everybody in that locker room would walk before we did that."

Taylor wasn't done:

"I mean, number one it's illegal for a player to throw a game. Whether it's for pay or if it's for a pick. It's the same thing. So you're really ruining - people are talking about ruining the integrity of the game to try to secure a draft pick. And there's still no guarantee you're going to get the draft pick.

"I mean, that it would even come up and that people would even start to think this and let the wheels turn. And if you turn the radio on, people are talking about scenarios and letting ... Andrew Luck have input on whether or not there's a new coach or who the new coach is. And it's just like, guys - are you serious? You know, I'm not going to call them out by name but it's like, really?"

As more and more player begin to react to the Andrew Luck desire among Dolphins fans, the anger will continue to grow within the team.  The next step for the team will be turning that anger on to the field.  And, if Taylor, Dansby, or anyone else with the team wants the Suck for Luck campaign to go away, they hold the key --win.  Winning solves everything, including the Suck for Luck fan base.