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Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers - Rapid Reactions to Miami's 26-16 loss

Another week, another loss for the Miami Dolphins.  This time, the Dolphins lose to the San Diego Chargers 26-16.  Quarterback Chad Henne spent most of the game on the sideline after injurying his left (non-throwing) shoulder, leaving the offense in Matt Moore's hands.  Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Moore was not the upgrade to the offense fans hoped he would be.

But, it doesn't really matter who is back behind center when top wide receiver Brandon Marshall can't seem to catch anything.  If he doesn't start bringing in the passes straight to him, he's going to be completely worthless to the offense the rest of the year.

The defense once again disappointed, with the secondary being non-existent for most of the game.  Starting cornerback Vonate Davis is desperately missed, and fellow CB Sean Smith seems to be trying to do too much, resulting in too little performance.

But, the real question becomes, will Tony Sparano be the team's head coach come their next game in Week 6? Sparano seems to have lost the team, not being able to get the performance out of his players.  While I don't think Sparano is the problem with the team, I also don't think he is the answer.  Sometimes, a coaching change is needed, not because the coach is bad, but because whatever he is doing, the team just doesn't respond (see Terry Francona in Boston with the Red Sox).

Whatever the case, something has to change.  I am a firm believer in keeping a coach through the season, and only making a change in the offseason, but at this point, if it happens, I can't really argue against it.

Well, Lefty will have his normal full post tomorrow morning.  Try to enjoy the rest of the Sunday games.