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Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers - Live Thread Overflow #1

Sloppy first half of football, but the Dolphins are still in the game.  It's 13-10, with San Diego taking the lead with just seven seconds to go in the half.

Chad Henne is questionable to return to the game with a shoulder injury, so Matt Moore is leading the offense right now.  There are reports that the Dolphins have sent a search party to the airport, hoping they can find Brandon Marshall on the team plane, because he hasn't been missing on the field most of the day.

The defense is even more absent than Marshall.  Vincent Jackson is making the Dolphins' secondary look atrocious.  Although, Jackson appears to be hurt, and has missed the last few series for the Chargers' offense.

But, like I said, the Dolphins are very much in this game.  Hopefully they can turn it on in the second half.