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Miami Dolphins Week 6 Caption This

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Mid-week; time to take a break from the 2011 Miami Dolphins' season, and enjoy things for just a few minutes.  That's right, it's caption this time.  

Last week, wide receiver Brandon Marshall looked contemplatively off into the distance.  While we all were wondering what he was thinking, we now know it was his thoughts of becoming a monster.  A monster who can't always catch a ball, but a monster non-the-less.

But, Aleta had the best caption of the week:

"Look at Sean!  I will luv to be like him."

This week, we have Miami's Tony McDaniel doing I don't know what to Jets' running back Shonn Greene.

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment below with your caption.  To vote, "rec" the comment or comments you liked best.  Which ever comments gets the most recs will be this week's winner.

Enjoy and let's see what we can do with this.