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NFL Trade Deadline Open Thread

That's right.  The NFL trade deadline is today.  While normally this is a lackluster day, it's possible today could be interesting with the new rookie wage scale making draft picks desirable again.

Last night Phillip Merling was inactive, with most of the speculation being that was done so he could be traded today without risk of injury.  We'll see if that happens.

And, the first big name to be traded just happened.  Accroding to Adam Schefter via Twitter, the Oakland Raiders have acquired Carson Palmer, sending the Bengals their 2012 first round pick and a conditional 2013 first round pick.

Way too much, in my opinion.  Glad Miami didn't go for him.

[UPDATE - 4:00pm] - The trade deadline just expired.  Any trades that were made should be announced shortly.]

[UPDATE - 4:04pm] - Former Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown has been shipped from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Detroit Lions for a 2013 7th round pick and running back Jerome Harrison.]