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Miami Dolphins at New York Jets - Dolphins Starting QB Matt Moore Speaks With Media

The Miami Dolphins new starting quarterback Matt Moore met with the media on Thursday, speaking about the team's preparations for their upcoming Monday Night match up with the New York Jets.  During his time at the podium, Moore was asked about the fact that he's never played the Jets, and what he's thinking going up against someone like Darrelle Revis.

"Yeah, obviously he's a good player," Moore answered.  "He's been playing at a high level for a long time and I think everybody knows that. It's definitely going to be a challenge but it comes down to just execution. Yes, we're aware of his talents, very good, like I said. But we need to worry about executing on our side of the ball."

He was also asked about Jets head coach Rex Ryan's description of the Dolphins QB as a "gunslinger."  "You can turn on the tape and people can make their assumptions, labels. I don't know, yeah, have I thrown the ball down field, yeah. Gunslinger, or whatever you want to call it, I don't know. There's only one gunslinger if you ask me and that's Brett Favre. I like to think of myself as somebody who is going to execute, operate the offense and put us in a good position to win." 

The media also asked Moore about the Jets' defensive schemes, and what is it that makes them such a problem for opponents.  "I think it's both [talent and scheme]. There's definitely talented guys over there, fast, good football players, smart guys. Guys have been playing in this defense for awhile and they have that mentality, you know what I mean. Their coaching staff over there, they scheme up some things that can give us some problems. The past has shown that they're a good defense, they've always been. They fly to the ball which is why, like I said, we need to really understand what's going on, who's where in certain situations but ultimately focus on...know our game plan. It's going to come down to matchups and winning the situation. We got to win the moment."

As the questions turned to the Dolphins, Moore was asked if he knew much about the Dolphins/Jets rivalry. "I knew it was a big game but not really. I've obviously learned quickly that it means something to a lot of people and as it should. There's tons of games like this across the league. It's a big game for us because it's the next game and we got to go get a win." 

Moore did admit that linebacker Jason Taylor, who spent last season in New York, has spoken to him about the Jets defense.  Asked how much has Taylor been able to share, Moore responded, "Yeah naturally, couple things here and there. He's obviously been there and knows how it works over there. I think ultimately, I keep going back to this, I think with the things he's given us, again it's going to come down to us executing, being productive and doing everything we can to get a win."

Moore was asked is he was prepared to run the offense, now as a starter, as compared to two weeks ago as the backup, and how much contact he has had with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. "I felt good then," Moore responded.  "But obviously last week with all the reps that I took, this week I feel that much better. Being a back up naturally you don't just get that many reps. That's just the way this league works. The bye couldn't have come at a better time and just with the amount of reps that I've been getting I feel good. Like I said, it all comes down to execution. Believe in what you're seeing and go out there and do it."

"I've always had, every quarterback has always had a ton of interaction with him [Daboll]," Moore continued. "He does a good job kind of spreading himself with every position, really good job. That's something that was new to me when I came down here. I love it. I know guys like it, having that relationship with him." 

The media asked Moore about how his experiences over the last couple of years has prepared him for his role with the Dolphins.  "I think I've been in pretty much every situation you can be in as a quarterback in this league, from the number three to starting and playing when I'm not expected to play," Moore explained.  "The situation here is yeah, I've been here before. It's unfortunate that Chad (Henne) had to go down but that's why they got guys that need to step up and fill the role. Like I said, it's not the first time I've done it. There's some familiarity."

When the press asked about the added pressure on the team from the 0-4 record, Moore immediately stated, "I think only if you let it. I think guys understand where we are. Everybody understands where we are. But I think the pressure only gets to you if you let it get to you. We are where we are but we still got to go out and execute and do our best to win a ball game." 

So, then they asked him if there was less pressure on the team because of the record.  "You can think of it that way, yeah. Again, we can think of it however we want to think about it. At least the way I'm approaching it, and I think the way these guys are, is we need to do everything we need to do to win. We need to execute, do things right, keep moving forward. This game, just like every other game, is going to be a battle. There is going to be ups and downs and we need to stay on the rise, you know what I mean, and really cut loose and turn it loose and come home with a win. That's all that matters."

Finally, the media personalities asked him a series of questions about some of the other players on the team.  With regard to his backup, newly arrived Sage Rosenfels, Moore answered, "He's been great. Having a veteran guy like that, he sees things in a different way. He's seen everything, you know what I mean. Started some games, been a back up, been in similar situations that I've been in so he's been a great help. Watching film with him and then just bouncing things off of him in practice, he's been good to have." 

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall's comments about his plans to bring more emotion back to the field, and possibly get himself ejected by halftime, Moore responded, "I don't know [if it's a good thing for the team]. Now it's like I'm a doctor (laughing). Brandon's got to be himself. Everybody's got to be themselves. He's going to be at the emotional level he needs to be at to be at his best. How about that answer?" 

"Yeah, so hopefully his emotions are where they need to be at (laughing)."

Finally, Moore was asked about his relationship with the team's top receiver.  "It's good. It's been great. We've obviously been putting a little more time this week and last week but he's been good. We've just been communicating, him, as well as all the other receivers because we haven't had the time, obviously. We've just been talking, spending some more time on the field, really just sharing thoughts with each I see it, how he sees things. That's all you can do really."