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Miami Dolphins Quarter of the Season Game Ball

The Miami Dolphins' 2011 season has gone no where near how any of us thought it would.  This has been a season of disappointment followed by...well...more disappointment.  But, that doesn't mean there aren't positives in all the gloom.

Rookie running back Daniel Thomas has looked good, when he can get on the field.  He's leading the team in attempts (41) and yards (202), despite missing half the games played thus far. In fact, he's the 29th leading rusher in the league, with those two missed games. 

Another rookie, center Mike Pouncey, has played well this year.  He's performing above the standard of the rest of the line (not something that is all that difficult).  He's also playing well enough to forget the "reach" that the Dolphins made in the draft, at least according to the "experts" to land him.

Wide receiver Brian Hartline is outperforming the rest of the Dolphins' wide outs, averaging 15.5 yards per reception this year.  That ranks him 32 in the league.  He may not be a star, number one wide receiver, especially on a team that is supposed to have an elite number one in Brandon Marshall, but he is at least performing.

However, I have to go with the most dangerous weapon the Dolphins have had this season.  Sadly, that's the punter.  Brandon Fields has performed far and away above the rest of his teammates.  He is currently 2nd in the NFL with a 51.6 yards per punt average.  He has blasted a 70 yard kick, ranking as the 4th longest kick of the year.  His net yardage of 43.4 yards per punt is 3rd in the league.

Fields has been a field position changer, blasting the ball from Miami's side of the field, deep into their opponents'.  He has pinned teams within the 20 yard line 7 times this year, tying him for 6th in the NFL.

So, as sad as it is to say, through one quarter of the season, Brandon Fields, Punter, Miami Dolphins, deserves the recognition as the best player on the team.