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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 10/10/11

Miami Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey has been a highlight among a struggling offensive line.
Miami Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey has been a highlight among a struggling offensive line.

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Dolphins Quarterbacks:

Chad Henne era in Miami is over; franchise QB No. 1 priority for Dolphins - Armando Salguero -
Good-bye, Chad Henne.

Dolphins Offensive Line:

A disappointing offensive line for Miami Dolphins - Miami Dolphins -
The Fins have put time and money into their offensive line, but with the exception of rookie Mike Pouncey, the results this year have been subpar.

Former Dolphins:

Dan Marino won’t endorse "Suck For Luck" (Three Things) – Mike Berardino – Sun-Sentinel
"You got to win games," Marino said. "That’s what your job is, that’s the franchise. You don’t go out there trying to lose games. That’s just ridiculous. If that does happen, then you look at who’s the best possible player.

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins have fallen again, and their former radio voice can't believe it - South Florida
Incredibly, Bill Zimpfer remains the last man to call a Miami Dolphins playoff victory

Other Dolphins Stories:

Miami Dolphins In Depth
The bye week is over and I assume the Miami Dolphins have discussed among themselves what their problems are and how to address them best as possible. I'm sure we'll see a vastly different approach when the team returns to...

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins key acquisitions, Reggie Bush, Kevin Burnett and Marc Colombo struggle to make impact - South Florida
Reggie Bush, Kevin Burnett, Marc Colombo and other Miami Dolphins newcomers struggle to make impact.

David Garrard:

David Garrard tells NFL teams: "If you want me, prove it" | ProFootballTalk
David Garrard is disputing a report that he spurned an offer from the Dolphins because he doesn't feel like playing football right now, saying that he does want to play -- just not for the Dolphins.