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Report: Miami Dolphins expected to announce extension for head coach Tony Sparano

When last week began, it was seriously looking like Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano would be on his way out of town. But a few bizarre days later, things have changed. Now it's expected that the week will end with the Dolphins announcing a contract extension for Sparano, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Tony Sparano's contract now extends through 2013 - an additional two years added to his deal. But that's not all. The report also claims Sparano will now have an "expanded role" in player personnel decisions - though GM Jeff Ireland still has final say.

The "media roundtable discussion" previously scheduled for Friday - and then postponed - is now scheduled for today at noon. It's believed that this roundtable will not only officially announce Sparano's contract extension but also announce the departure of offensive coordinator Dan Henning from the organization. Owner Stephen Ross is expected to attend this gathering, as are both Sparano and Ireland.

The Dolphins will attempt to display a unified front - a happy family portrait, if you will - after a wild week that made the Dolphins the butt of jokes around the league amongst fans, the media, players, and other league insiders. Unfortunately for this organization, we are not naive. We know that all was not well (and probably still is not) within this organization. I hope that all three of the people involved in this saga are honest and come clean with what went on over the past five days or so.

Again, the event today is scheduled for noon. And you can stay up to date with what is said at the media gathering by heading over to our breaking news page.

I'll have a full breakdown on what takes place Saturday and where this team goes from here starting on Monday. Today and tomorrow, though, it's time to sit back and enjoy some playoff football.