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Saturday's Wild Card Weekend Thread

There's finally going to be some football played today!

After a ridiculous week-long saga that has really made the Miami Dolphins the butt of numerous jokes, I am just thrilled to have some games to watch. I don't even care that the Dolphins aren't participating.

So use this as your game thread for today if you happen to be around watching these games.

Seahawks vs Saints, 4:30 pm, NBC

On the surface, this isn't a very interesting game. And even if the Seahawks play their "A" game, I don't think it would be enough to knock off the defending Super Bowl Champions. Seattle is a tough place to play - that's a fact. But I don't think the Seahawks will have enough offensive firepower to sustain 60 minutes with New Orleans.

Pick: Saints 27-13

Colts vs Jets, 8:00 pm, NBC

This is the game I can't wait for. The Jets have talked all week about getting "revenge" on the Colts for last year's AFC Championship loss. While the Jets are better than they were a year ago - and the Colts are probably not as good as they were a year ago - I still don't think NY can pull off the victory. Indy is a tough place to play. That building gets loud when the Colts are on defense. And I don't know if the Jets will be able to sustain a consistent pass rush to keep Peyton Manning off balance.

Pick: Colts 30-24