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Dan Henning to step down as offensive coordinator of Dolphins

One of the most forgotten about situations in Miami as the head coach saga drags on is the future of the much maligned offensive coordinator. It had been rumored since the middle of the season that Dan Henning would retire after the season.

Though nothing is official, the Miami Herald is reporting that Henning and the Dolphins have agreed to "part ways." Though it's unknown if Henning is retiring or just stepping down as Miami's offensive coordinator, what is known, according to a source, is that the Dolphins will be looking for a new offensive coordinator - presumably to be selected by the new head coach...if there is a new head coach.

Henning has seen his offense regress since he started running the unit back in 2008. That season, the Dolphins had the 12th ranked offense in the league. A year later, the Dolphins slipped to 17th. And this past season, the Dolphins ended the year 21st in total offense and 30th in points per game.

Henning's play calling was questionable - to say the least - at times as well. And I don't think many - if any - Dolphin fans will shed a tear for the aging offensive mind.

This report fro the Herald also reports that, as of right now, the team has not fired Tony Sparano nor have they made any contract offer to Jim Harbaugh. At least, that's the "official" company line.

As I said, this situation is fluid. Keep up with our breaking news page for the latest.