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Sources: Media being told to be at Dolphins facility on Friday; will Harbaugh be there?

And the saga continues as the Miami Dolphins continue their coaching search...even though they technically still have a head coach.

The latest information I just received comes courtesy of two people I trust. Both are telling me that the media was told to be at the team's facility tomorrow morning (or at least be prepared to be there on a moment's notice). I wonder what this could be about?

I ask that only sarcastically, of course. There have been numerous rumors and reports today regarding the Miami Dolphins head coaching search. So here's a brief summary of the past few hours.

Owner Stephen Ross was indeed meeting with Jim Harbaugh today out in California. Reports of Harbaugh being spotted in Miami have proven to be erroneous. But Ross, along with GM Jeff Ireland and business partner Carl Peterson, did meet with Harbaugh.

Adam Schefter made the point this afternoon, though, that the Dolphins can't technically offer Harbaugh a contract because they have not interviewed a minority head coaching candidate yet - which would be a violation of the Rooney Rule. Schefter adds that the Broncos are going to try and swoop in and chat with Harbaugh about their head coaching vacancy.

Mike Florio, however, was just on the radio in Miami and said that the Dolphins did actually quietly interview a minority candidate today. If this is true, there's a good chance it was either Todd Bowles or Hue Jackson (Jackson would make sense since Ross was out in California to begin with today).

Meanwhile, Brian Miller of PhinPhanatic - somebody I trust very much - is reporting that the Dolphins have a deal in place with Harbaugh and that the deal will be announced tomorrow once the Dolphins interview a minority candidate and fire Tony Sparano. This would gel with the two sources that told me the Dolphins have informed the media to be prepared to convene tomorrow on a moment's notice.

However, Chris Mortensen just said a few minutes ago on 790 AM that he believes it's only "50/50" that Harbaugh ends up in Miami, saying that both the 49ers and Stanford are still options.

Harbaugh did meet with Stanford's president today, too. And with his quarterback, Andrew Luck, returning for his senior season, perhaps Stanford could convince Harbaugh to stay and compete for a national championship.

Clearly this is a fluid situation. And for the latest, keep checking our breaking news page.