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2010 Miami Dolphins Week 17 Game Balls

This week's Game Balls are brought to you courtesy of Sprint.

Not a whole lot to say after whatever it is you want to call what happened in Foxboro on Sunday.  Let's just get straight to the Game Balls.

1-Yard Game Ball. Ricky Williams.  Sure, Ricky fumbled (again), and didn't have great good mediocre stats (6 carries for 5 yards), but he did pass Larry Csonka to become the Dolphins all time rush attempts leader.  I'll give him a yard for that, especially after a game where the Dolphins had less than half the Patriots total yards (250 to 502).

2-Yard Game Ball. Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess.  Marshall caught just 5 passes, but nearly reached the 100 yard mark (97) - again, during a game in which the Dolphins only had 250 total yards.  Bess gets this yardage because, once again, he is the only Dolphin to find the endzone this week.

3-Yard Game Ball. Jennifer Carroll.  Yes, that's Nolan's mom.  Why does she get a game ball?  Well, while the Dolphins are spending the rest of the year at home, Ms. Carroll was sworn in as Florida's Lieutenant Governor today.  Congratulations to her.

4-Yard Game Ball. DolFans.  Pretty simple.  Through another losing season, all of you stood by the team.  Sure, we have all gotten into heated moments with each other, and I am sure I was not the only one screaming at the TV several times this year, but through even the Patriots debacle, you were there.  Hopefully, next season will be better.

5-Yard Game Ball. 2011.  2011 gets the 5-yard game ball because, with it came the end of the season.  Thank you!

Sack. The Miami Dolphins.  DC$ didn't make a field goal.  250 yards total offense, while allowing New England 502 yards.  Three, yes three, Dolphins crushed Brandon Tate on a 5 yard pass, only to watch him scamper for 49 more yards.  Julian Edelman scored on a 94-yard punt return, the longest in New England history.  New England sacked the Dolphins quarterback 5 times, including 2 allowed by Pro Bowler Jake Long (yes, he's injured, but he still allowed them).  Did anything go right for this team? 5 yard sack for every member of the team.