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General Manager Jeff Ireland says nobody's giving up on Chad Henne, and more

On Tuesday, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland spoke with the media about the team's plans for the offseason. Needless to say, Ireland didn't reveal very much. But there were some noteworthy nuggets that Ireland shared with us.

The highlight of the brief press conference, though, came when Ireland was asked about his plans for the quarterback position - the key question of the offseason for this franchise. While Ireland confirmed what we all already know, that the Dolphins will "evaluate what’s out there like we do every position in free agency and the draft," he made it known that this organization still believes in Chad Henne. Or, at least, that's what they want everybody to think.

"He's shown some aggressive tendencies, he's shown some exciting throws," added Ireland. "He's got all the ability in the world. We've just got to put a plan together and an offensive philosophy that fits Chad Henne, and I think we'll do that."

When reading this, please keep in mind that Ireland is the same guy that praised Gibril Wilson this time last year - days before releasing the disappointing safety. Also keep in mind that we are now entering the season of "misinformation" - when teams purposely attempt to mislead everybody to disguise what their real plans are in free agency and the draft. So take everything we hear regarding players with a grain of salt this time of the year.

Also be aware that the Dolphins would like nothing more than to see Henne succeed in Miami. After all, he was hand-picked by this regime and was supposed to be "the guy" to lead this organization. So it should come as no surprise that Ireland and the Dolphins would make it a point to build their young quarterback's confidence back up through the media.

Some other highlights from Ireland's press conference yesterday:

  • This coaching staff and front office is well aware that they need to be more explosive on offense. Ireland confirmed that the team is looking to "increase total team speed."
  • Ireland did not rule out a return to Miami for at least one of their two free agent running backs - Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Ireland said that "there's a chance we'd bring one of those guys back, for sure." But which one? Considering he's younger and hasn't popped off to the media about his head coach, it's probably more reasonable to expect Ronnie to be the one to return. But he'll also be more expensive, which will be a factor.
  • Ireland also confirmed what we all pretty much knew - that the team will try to reacquire a second round pick to make up for the one they traded to Denver as part of the Brandon Marshall trade. He told the media that though the team doesn't have a second round pick right now, "there's ways to get it back." Of course, if there's no new CBA reached before the draft, then the only way for the Dolphins to get back into the second round is by trading draft picks - in particular trading down from the 15th overall pick.