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The Friday Five: Bill Parcells' tenure in Miami will not be remembered fondly

With the offseason in full swing (at least for 28 teams, including the Dolphins), I felt the need to introduce a simple weekly post that will run - you guessed it - every Friday morning from now until September. The idea here is simple - five quick thoughts on news from the past week, a look ahead to the week to come, or completely random stuff that I find interesting or amusing.

So we'll try this out and see how it goes. As always, thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome.

1. This entire Bill Parcells/Rex Ryan story from ESPN is absolutely ridiculous. Everything from Bill actually going out of his way to assist a hated rival (perhaps his employer's most hated of all rivals) to Bill having to make sure he gets credit (via ESPN) for some of the success the Jets are having makes me sick. I never liked Parcells - but I bought into all of the hoopla surrounding him when he got hired by the Dolphins. Now I regret not sticking with my convictions - as if it matters what I think. I just don't like being "duped" - and I was by Parcells. We all were.

Seriously, go ahead and read the entire article - complete with some unreal quotes from Parcells - and then come back and tell us what you think. Truth is, I've been quiet on this because I really didn't know what to make of it. I almost couldn't believe the entire situation. But I get it now, as clear as crystal. Bill Parcells is nothing more than an egomaniac. That's the only logical explanation to all of this.

Truth be told, we're better off without him. Bill did his job. He made a bad team average. But when was the last time he made an average team great?

2. The Dolphins added two new coaches to their staff on Thursday. They officially named Jeff Nixon as their running backs coach. Nixon had spent the previous four seasons with the Eagles, working with the special teams as well as with the running backs. He also has a master's degree in elementary administration - which I'm sure will be useful in his new role.

They also named Darren Krein their new head strength and conditioning coach. You may (or may not) remember Krein as a defensive end at the University of Miami back in the early 90s. He previously worked in Seattle with the Seahawks as assistant strength and conditioning coach - and it's unknown if he has any experience aligning on the sideline in a wall formation in hopes of tripping a gunner on opposing coverage teams.

3. Vince Young cannot be serious. "Definitely I am a starting quarterback, an elite quarterback in the NFL," is what Young says in an interview on ESPN. Now I don't necessarily think Young is a bad quarterback. Physically, he's among the most gifted QBs in the league. But he doesn't have what it takes between the ears. In his brief time in the NFL, there are several examples of that very fact. And now this interview is nothing more than further proof of that.

With that said, the Dolphins should at least consider him - at the right price. I don't think he could be any worse than Chad Henne.

4. If you haven't seen the Brett Favre "What should I do" commercial on Youtube, you're missing out. Here's a link to the video. Note that it's probably not suitable for work or younger readers. But it is worth your two minutes. And great job of finding somebody who looks close enough like Favre and who sounds very much like him.

5. Brian Daboll. Because we can't ruin the consecutive days streak in which Daboll has been mentioned on the front page. It's now up to five.