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Your favorite big-game traditions?

The title of this says it all. We want to know what your typical gameday tradition is for watching these final postseason games.

In my opinion, Conference Championship Sunday is a better football day than Super Bowl Sunday. We get over six hours of exciting, pressure-packed football to sit back and enjoy. So the question here is how you go about enjoy the day.

Back in college, my five roommates and I usually did took part in the most basic festivities. There was always plenty to drink. The food was usually comprised of chips, pizza, wings, fries, and (eventually) chili. More recently, I've improved the menu some (call it "maturing" if you'd like) and now have made Championship and Super Bowl Sundays into seafood fests. Crab legs, shrimp, clams, and mussels have become the norm.

But I'm going to be honest. I'm lazy. I don't go as "all out" as I know some of you go. So this is a post to share ideas. What do you do for these final football Sundays of the season? Where do you go to watch the games? What do your menus look like?

I know some of you take this stuff really seriously. So don't hold out on us. Give us all some ideas!