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NFL Playoffs: Saturday's Divisional Round Open Thread

In my opinion, this weekend is historically the best playoff weekend of the NFL season. You usually have four very good games to watch. This weekend is no different - with each game either being a really good matchup or a really good story.

After this weekend, we only have three more football games to enjoy before a long offseason. And right now, we don't know just how long the offseason might be. So enjoy these games while you can, everyone.

This is your open thread for today's games.

Steelers vs Ravens, 4:30 pm, CBS

The first of two really, really good AFC matchups this weekend. There's a good chance this game could be the best one of the entire weekend. And I believe this will be the closest game of the weekend as well.

On one hand, it's hard to take Joe Flacco on the road against the Steelers defense - especially when the opposing quarterback is a two time Super Bowl winning quarterback. But the Ravens were my Super Bowl pick back in August and I'm sticking with them. It'll take a big defensive effort, though, and a big game out of Flacco.

Pick: Ravens 16-13

Falcons vs Packers, 8:00 pm, FOX

If you're a Dolphins fan, then witnessing the Falcons' success since 2007 has been tough. Both teams were coming off of dreadful seasons. But it was the Dolphins who "won" in the battle for Bill Parcells' services. Three years later, it's the Falcons who are the best team in their conference and two wins away from the Super Bowl. It's the Falcons who have a franchise quarterback. And the Dolphins? Well...we know the mess they are in.

But just like the situation above, I picked the Packers as my NFC Super Bowl pick. And while I know Matt Ryan has a ridiculous record at home as Atlanta's starting quarterback, I'm not a believer in their defense. I think that Aaron Rodgers will have his way with Atlanta's 22nd ranked pass defense.

Pick: Packers 27-20