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Dolphins 2010 Perspective I - Let's Watch Some Games

Dolphins Quarterback Chad Henne may as well not even take the field against the Bills, by the tone of some of the recent contributors to this site.
Dolphins Quarterback Chad Henne may as well not even take the field against the Bills, by the tone of some of the recent contributors to this site.

Finally, football is back.  Real football.  Meaningful football.  Football where the starters will play more than a half or three quarters.  It's time!

Why not us?

It's the truest statement out there.  And it's a flashback to 2008.  Do you remember 2008?  You know, the year we won the Division?  The year when we "moved the hyphen?"  I do. 

Hopefully, you do. 

Why not us?

But, it seems like a lot of us here on The Phinsider have forgotten.  We've forgotten the magic of that year.  We've forgotten the pain that 1-15 the previous year brought us.  We've forgotten how bad we were.  We are too wrapped up in our own expectations of this team, and what we think should happen, to allow the Coach, General Manager, and Football Czar ("Consultant") that two years ago could have been made Kings of Miami to do what they need to do to be a winning team.

We're too overwhlemed by names and preseason performances right now, to trust men who have already rebuilt this team into a Division Champion.  Why are we focusing on defensive ends Marques Douglas and Charles Grant, and center Jake Grove releases to justify why this Trifecta (they were here before the Heat Holy Trinity, by the way) has no clue.  Really?  That's what we need to focus on?

We aren't worried about names like Chad Henne, Brandon Marshall, Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Karlos Dansby, Vontae Davis, Cameron Wake, etc., etc.  We are focusing on guys who second string, depth guys, at best.  Are you telling me that Douglas, Grant, or Grove were ahead of Richie Incognito, John Jerry, Kendall Langford, or Jared Odrick?  I doubt that.

Sure, we've seen these guys do things for us.  As Coach Sparano stated during his press conference last Sunday,
 it's always tough to let go of players who have done things for us.  But, obviously, this front office felt there was more offered by Clinton Geathers, Jermey Parnell, Cory Procter, and Robert Rose than Douglas, Grant, or Grove. 

Does anyone else remember back this spring when Karlos Dansby, Mike Nolan, and Brandon Marshall were all brought to Miami?  This place went crazy.  The front office was seen as the second coming. 

Now, we all question every release of second string players?

I will agree that the release of Charlie Anderson, who was hyped up as a starter and a really great player, throughout the pre-season, is questionable.  But, this front office also told us that Ted Ginn, Jr. was going to be a part of this team, and was a huge part of this team (not to mention his family).  I'm not sure how Ginn's stats in San Francisco assist us, but I guess they do.

I think the biggest point in all of this, is, let's watch some football.  Let's watch some games that count, before we determine that roster moves of guys providing depth weren't intelligent moves that help the team.

On Tuesday, the Dolphins released the following statement.  I'll post the entire release:

"Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphins football team and support staff. This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis."

That's it.  Three whole sentences.  Yet, in less than an hour, the Fanshot Lefty Front Paged had over 200 comments, with a whole bunch of us claiming that the sky really was falling.  We had people saying that Bill Parcells was walking away from the team so that when the season falls apart, he won't take the blame. 

We haven't even played a single game this season, and by some of the posts and comments on this site, you would think it's 2007 again.

God forbid we EVER have to go through that again!

Why not us?

Targets of Opportunity

  • On Pittsburgh's The Fan (93.7 FM) yesterday, Steelers' Safety Ryan Clark stated, "Had I gotten along better with Jeff Ireland and some of the brass there, I would have left (Pittsburgh)."  He continued, calling Bill Parcells, Parcells "one of the classiest guys" he's ever met, but "I didn't feel like (Miami) was a place where I could be me."  Interesting.
  • I just bought a Brandon Marshall jersey.  That brings my total Dolphins jersey count to 16.  Unfortunately, not counting two Chad Pennington jerseys, only four of them are players currently starting for the team (two Ricky Williams, one Brandon Marshall, one Jake Long). 
  • Ethan Skolnick of the South Florida Sun Sentinel asked Dan Marino during a media conference call yesterday his prediction for the 2010 Dolphins.  "I do think it might be tough for them to win the division," Marino said. "The East, it’s always tough."
  • On the Dolphins' initial injury report for the week, it listed OT Jake Long (knee) limited, ILB Channing Crowder (groin) did not practice and C Jake Grove (shoulder) practiced. Oh, and one surprise.  Apparently, LB Joey Porter has a hamstring problem and was at least "limited" in practice on Wednesday.  Realizing that Porter had been cut by the team - twice - the Dolphins then issued a revised injury report without the linebacker.
  • Does anyone else find it wierd that NFL Network has been using Kurt Warner as a special guest analayst, with Trent Green?  Do you think Green is worried he's going to lose his job - again?
  • Jake Grove was released today - and Cory Procter was brought back to the team.  Something I am thinking, in all of this.  Could this all be a series of cap space moves?  I mean, if you look at the fact that there is no cap this year, there is, therefore, no cap hit to cutting a player with an inflated contract who is not performing up to that contract.  If you release him, and either bring in a comparable, less expensive guy, or resign the guy to a lesser deal, then you are setting yourself up to be in better cap positioning once the cap does come back with a new CBA.  Just a random thought I am having today.