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**Enter our Eliminator Challenge, win Dolphins tickets**

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You aren't going crazy, everyone. It's true - we have yet another pair of Dolphins tickets to give away.

These two tickets are being donated by "Finhead83" once again - the same guy who donated the two tickets to the Dolphins home opener against the Jets. Those tickets were given away last week.

Since these latest tickets will be for a Dolphins 2011 regular season home game agreed upon between Finhead83 and the winner of this contest, Finhead and I decided to use a season-long competition to determine who gets them. So what we are going to do is award the tickets to the winner of our 2010 Eliminator Challenge.

What is an Eliminator league - or Survivor league, as some call it? Simple. All you do is pick one winner per week during the regular season. But one incorrect pick and you are eliminated. The catch? You can only pick a team one time for the entire season. So choose wisely.

I'm using ESPN to host this challenge because they allow an unlimited number of people per group. To join our group, head over to Be sure to use your user name on The Phinsider as your entry name in our Eliminator group. If you do not, you will not qualify to win the tickets.

The private group name to join is The Phinsider Eliminator. The password is henne2marshall.

To be eligible to win the two tickets we are giving away, you must be a member of The Phinsider and your Eliminator entry name must be the same as your user name on this site.

The last man standing will be our winner. And if there's a tie because all of the remaining contestants are eliminated the same week, then all of those entrants will be put into a random drawing to determine who gets the tickets.

You have until the regular season begins to join our group. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Disclaimer: Matty I, The Phinsider, and SB Nation are in no way held responsible for any problems that may arise from this contest. The tickets are being donated by Finhead83, who is in no way part of the SBN team. Any disputes or issues will be between the winner and Finhead83. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.