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2010 NFL Cuts Open Thread

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The deadline for all NFL teams to get down to 53 players is 4 pm eastern. Right now those fringe players are on pins and needles, wondering if their NFL journey will continue on or come to a stop (at least temporarily). Coaches and general managers, meanwhile, are not only deciding on their final cuts but are keeping a close eye on the waiver wire to see if anyone catches their eye.

Under this current regime, the Dolphins are usually one of the last teams to make their cuts known publicly. That means we could be waiting for a while. Or the names of the cuts could leak out quicker than usual. I have no idea.

That's why I'm opening up this thread. I'm sure many of you will be hanging around waiting to see which Dolphins are asked to turn in their playbook. You are also probably interested in some of the moves made by other teams. So use this thread to discuss today's events and to post the links to any cuts made by the Dolphins.

Happy cut-down day, everyone!