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Dolphins 2010 Perspective III - Storytime

Week 3 and Miami is entering the game with a perfect record.  How wonderful is that? 

Week 3 and Miami is entering the game in first place in the AFC East.  How wonderful is that?

Week 3 and Miami is entering the game wearing Undefeated Orange, against the New York team that shall not be named, and looking to continue their current streak of 3 in a row against that team.  How wonderful is that?

To paraphrase Eric Clapton, Miami, "you look wonderful tonight."

I love New York week.  I hate New York week. 

Football doesn't get better than this week.  Well, maybe it could be better on a February weekend, but I'm not sure how that would feel.

Anyway, today, I felt like telling you all a story.

This story begins with a little boy, going to a sleep-over for only the second time in his life. 

It's a strange thing, going to stay in someone else's house.  No matter how nice everyone is, and what kind of cool stuff they have, it's not home.  It's just wrong.

I remember that first time staying at someone else's house.  I was so scared, I called home.  My 4 year old brother got on the phone and told me, "It's okay Mosul.  It's just like you're at home, but you're not."  Ahhh...the wisdom of a 4-year-old.  Also, why did he call me Mosul?

Anyway, back to our story.  So, this little boy is trying to spend the night at a friend's house.  The last time he did it, he made it through the night, but was so happy the next day when he got to return home.  It was amazing, suddenly he was cleaning his toys, doing his chores, working hard, showing his family how much he appreciated being home.  He even talked to his brother, who had already left home for good, telling him how great it was to be home.

Now, he's having to deal with being away from home again.  But, this time, it's a little different.  He has the experience of having stayed in someone else's house before; this time isn't the same.  He feels more comfortable with sleeping in unfamiliar places. 

But, there's something funny about this sleep over.  It's an extended night sleepover, but one of those nights, our little boy actually has to sleep in the guest room of his own home.  That's right.  He has to go back home, but can't sleep in his own bed.  He has to go to a different room and hope that he doesn't get too distracted.

Not only that, but his big brother is going to be home at the same time, but again, he has to stay in the other room.

Although our little boy has had a sleep over before, never did he have to come home during it.  Hopefully, it will shake him up just enough to let him have a bad night.

Welcome home Jason!  Hope that you like the visitors' locker room.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote the majority of this on Tuesday, before the fun of the Wednesday JT story]

Power Rankings (Ooooo....a new addition to the Perspectives.  I decided I wanted to do a weekly Power Rankings of the NFL teams - and this is where I decided to do it):

  1. New Orleans Saints - Have to give love to the Super Bowl Champs.  Until someone beats them, they get the number one slot - but they aren't as dominant as they were last year.
  2. Houston Texans - I almost choked when I put them here, but wins against Indianapolis and at Washington, this team suddenly looks like a powerhouse.  Give it a few more weeks before you book your first ever playoff trip though, Texans fans.
  3. Green Bay Packers - Dominating defense.  Aaron Rodgers able to carry the entire offense.  This team is scary.
  4. Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning.  Enough said.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers - Big Ben who?  They don't need a quarterback, apparently.  Let's see, Big Ben, Byron Leftwhich, Dennis Dixon, Charlie Batch, and Antwan Randle-El either playing or backing up at QB.  And, yet, the defense is so dominating, it doesn't matter who is taking the snaps.
  6. Baltimore Ravens - Yes, they lost to the Bengals, but they still have a dominating defense and are ready to chew through the rest of the AFC North.
  7. Miami Dolphins - I wouldn't even call this a homer pick.  Undefeated.  Defense destroying people.  Both wins on the road.  Offense starting to figure out how to go deep.  Watch out AFC East.
  8. Team That Shall Not Be Name - I personally would love to see this team fall all the way to the bottom of the rankings, but still, you have to respect what that defense should be able to do.  We'll see how they handle the next few games.
  9. New England Patriots - Three of the top ten teams come from the AFC East.  What a division!  And, are you going to say The Bradys shouldn't be in the top 10?
  10. Cincinnati Bengals - After stinking it up in Week 1, Cincinnati bounced back to beat their division rival Ravens last week.  After going undefeated through the division last year, that's nothing new.
  11. Chicago Bears - Who could have seen this coming?  With games against the Packers and in New York (Giants) in the next two weeks, we'll see if this team is for real, really quickly.
  12. Atlanta Falcons - Apparently, Matt Ryan really can play QB.
  13. Washington Redskins - Beating the Cowboys was a big deal in Week 1.  This week, it's not that big an accomplishment, but taking the #2 team in the Power Rankings into overtime is.  Watch out, because Mike Shannahan apparently has the Hogs rising.
  14. San Diego Chargers - Interesting team here.  Are they the team that lost to the Chiefs, or the team who dominated the Jaguars?
  15. Philadelphia Eagles - Another NFC East team poised to vault up the rankings.  Vick has the team popping.  Kolb who?
  16. Dallas Cowboys - Suddenly, the Super Bowl hosts idea seems like a dream.
  17. Tennessee Titans - Vince YoungKerry Collins?  No QB controversy here...
  18. New York Giants - Wow, the NFC East seems to have defined parity.
  19. Minnesota Vikings - Hey Jared Allen - are you sure you should have made that trip to Mississippi?
  20. Kansas City Chiefs - Another team who could vault up the rankings.  Then again, they could fall just as easily.
  21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Really?  Tampa?  Josh Freeman?
  22. San Francisco 49ers - They'll be good.  Really....
  23. Denver Broncos - Loss to the Jaguars?  OUCH!  Destruction of the Seahawks?  Great.  Now welcome Indianapolis.  (And, RIP Kenny McKinley)
  24. Jacksonville Jaguars - Win against Broncos? Great!  Destroyed by Chargers?  OUCH! Now welcome the Philadelphia Vicks.
  25. Arizona Cardinals - PLEASE KURT!!!  COME BACK!!!!
  26. Oakland Raiders - A darkhorse playoff team or a team needing a new QB?  Take your pick.
  27. Detroit Lions - Jahvid Best is a beast.  The Lions have a shot at winning some games this year.  Not many, but enough to not be in the #1 overall race.
  28. Carolina Panthers - Time to see if Little Nicky 21 is right.  It's Jimmy Clausen time.
  29. Cleveland Browns - How long until the Colt McCoy era begins?
  30. St. Louis Rams - Hey, look at that.  Clausen, McCoy, and Bradford all lumped together.
  31. Seattle Seahawk - USC can't go to the postseason.  At least Pete Carroll won't be there either.
  32. Buffalo Bills - Oh good.  Trent Edwards is out.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is in.  That should fix everything.

Targets of Opportunity:

  • Wow.  Michael Vick has been named the starter in Philadelphia.  What a change in positions that is.  And, you traded away Donovan McNabb, in the division, because Kevin Kolb was that good - and he didn't make it past one half of football.  Wow.
  • Continuing the story, since naming Vick the starter, the Eagles have been receiving phone calls asking the availability of Kolb.  Head Coach Andy Reid, when asked if Kolb would be on the team's roster after the Oct 19 trade deadline, responded, "I can't predict anything that far out."  Wow and Wow.  Looks like Kolb's days in Philadelphia may already be numbered.
  • Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio, who picked Miami to win the AFC East prior to the start of the season, stated this on his radio show on Tuesday, "The Dolphins are not as good defensively as the Jets, and aren't as good offensively as the Patriots.  But, they are very good at both, and will win the division."  I'll agree with him.
  • Okay, as a Gators fan, I knew Aaron Hernandez was young, but did you realize the Patriots rookie tight end is 20?  TWENTY!!!!  Holy ****!  That's a 20 year old out there catching passes with guys like Karlos Dansby, Bart Scott, and Ray Lewis out there trying to kill him.  Again...HOLY ****!
  • Hey, Rex Ryan can learn.  When asked about Jake Long during his conference call with the Miami media, Ryan responded, "I think the best thing to do is not put anyone over there."
  • While the apparent suicide of Denver wideout Kenny McKinley was across the country in Denver, it was felt hard in Miami.  Brnadon Marshall described McKinley as his "younger brother."  After dealing with the deaths of Darrent Williams and Damien Nash in the past, it's no wonder Marshall really needed a fresh start.  But, unfortunately, the pain still reached Miami when something like this happens.  Once again, RIP Kenny McKinley.  The pain of your passing is felt all over the NFL, including here in Florida.
  • Jason Allen posted an open letter in the Sun-Sentinel, discussing his play and his career.  In it he states, "I really hate to use excuses, but I think going from corner to safety, corner to safety, back to corner really slowed down my progress. Just having this opportunity to focus on the cornerback position the past two years, knowing that at no time am I going back to safety, it allowed me to blossom."  Additionally, he says, "I LOVE this scheme. It’s made for me. We put together different looks. We’re aggressive and have the pressure coming. The biggest differences are the way we disguise things. The way we communicate, the way we play as a unit is the key."  It's a good read.  I recommend you take the time to check it out.