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Attention everyone attending Dolphins home opener: Wear orange and "howl"

That's right, everyone. As you all know, our undefeated Miami Dolphins host the hated Jets as their first home game of 2010. You also probably know that the Dolphins will be sporting their hideously beautiful orange jerseys on Sunday for only the fourth time in team history.

The Dolphins are also promoting this home opener as an "Orange Offensive." They will be hosting a series of pep rallies this week all over South Florida and will be lighting up different area landmarks in orange as a show of support for our Dolphins. The team is also requesting that everyone attending the game wear orange. They will also be handing out orange rally towels as fans enter the stadium on Sunday night.

This isn't just a promotions department gimmick, either, people. The players are taking notice of this - and even encouraging more fan involvement. Several Dolphins have reminded Dolphin fans via Twitter to wear orange on Sunday to show their support.

But that's not all. There was an interesting Twitter exchange between Randy Starks, Sean Smith, and some Dolphin fans. The idea presented by the fan went over very well by the two players. The suggestion? For all fans in attendance to "howl" during key defensive downs - helping to "feed the wolf."

Smith suggested the fans howl "especially on third down." Starks then said he wanted fans to spread the word and that he was going to "bring it up tomorrow" - which I'd guess means mentioning this to his teammates. Smith then replied to Starks and said the "stadium would be off the hook" if fans came through with this.

So, as you can see, these players are taking notice of us. They like seeing their fans into the game like this. They've done their job so far in 2010. It's up to us Dolphin fans to now do our job. So if you're going to the game on Sunday night, remember to wear your orange and "howl" when the defense is on the field.

Let's show the kind of fans we are - on national television with the country watching - and help our boys knock off the damn Jets!