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Dolphins vs Vikings: Prediction Time

Before I ask you all for your final prediction this week, let's go around the web and see who the "experts" are taking in tomorrow's battle between the Dolphins and Vikings:

Chris Mortensen - Min
Adam Schefter - Min
Tom Jackson - Min
Mike Ditka - Mia
Pete Prisco - Min
Mike Florio - Min
Gregg Rosenthal - Mia
Peter King - Min
Jason Cole - Min

As expected, most people are going to be picking the Vikings this week. Considering they were unbeaten in nine games at home last year, this should come as no surprise.

I don't think this is an impossible situation for the Dolphins, though. The 2010 Vikings mist just not be as good as the '09 version. Sidney Rice's injury really hurt that team. Brett Favre is still rusty - to say the least. And they have a banged-up secondary which will allow big plays.

So what do you all think? Are the Dolphins going to be out-matched tomorrow? Or are you expecting this team to surprise many and send the Vikings to 0-2?