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Dolphins 2010 Perspective II - It was a win!

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Brandon Marshall is either trying out for Dancing With The Stars or is doing a great job of staying upright during the Dolphins' game in Buffalo last week.
Brandon Marshall is either trying out for Dancing With The Stars or is doing a great job of staying upright during the Dolphins' game in Buffalo last week.

I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but the Dolphins actually won last weekend.  You know, the whole point of the game?  As Herm Edwards so famously stated, "You play to win the game!"  And, Miami won.

Yet, somehow, that wasn't enough for us here at The Phinsider.  Somewhere around halftime, the mood of the live game thread shifted.  Instead of a joyous, optimistic crowd, we suddenly became an angry, restless mass, demanding that they team not just win, but win big. 

It got so ugly in the live game thread, several members of the community, myself included, posted comments about either why they stopped coming to live threads last year, or why they may not be back this year.  In no way do I mean to tell any of you how to be fans.  As long as you are pulling for the Dolphins, in whatever way you do it, we're all better for your input. It's when the negativity of the team, in a win or a loss, becomes an over-the-top bashing of the team, the players, and the coaches that a bunch of us can't stand it any longer. 

Realism is one thing, but constant negativity is another.  Saying that a play isn't working, or that the WildCat was getting stuffed on Sunday, is understandable.  Having a post like, "wow we are one garbage team - on offense at least. no reason this should be a ballgame," is something else entirely - especially when the team is winning.

Do you know what all of the following games have in common:

New York Giants 31, Carolina 18

Tampa Bay 17, Cleveland 14

Houston 34, Indianapolis 24

Miami 15, Buffalo 10

New England 38, Cincinnati 24

Baltimore 10, New York Jets 9

A "W" for the team on the left.  That's all that matters.  If it was a 1, 5, or 14 point win, it all counts the win.  So, unless sometime in the last seven months the NFL adopted the BCS to determine who plays in the Super Bowl, blowing out the Bills really doesn't matter.

I decided, in this week's Perspective, to play a little game.   I went through the Live Game Thread for both us here at The Phinsider and at Gang Green Nation, SBNation's New York Jets' blog, to compare our comments to theirs.  Two introductory points first: (1) Dolphins won, Jets lost, and (2) we here at The Phinsider like to talk about how sad it is over at GGN, yet when you see the comments below, you will see how similar the two sites, apparently, are.

So, here's my game.  I'm going to cut and paste comments from both threads.  However, I am going to remove any identification of player, coach, or commenter, and see if you can identify from which thread it came.

1.  Guys we suck... - 4 wins the most .

2. the offensive play calling has totally sucked - I very dislike [O-coord]

3. [QB] SUCKS! - I can't beleave we spent f#$@king 40 Million on this F#$%king Chump we need to put [BACKUPO QB] in or [THIRD QB] in cause this ass is going to cost us the season our defense did there job tonite and would have done even better if ******* [QB] could have keep the offence on the field for more than a minute and fifteen seconds

4. [TEAM] doing what they do best - letting bad teams hang around

5. This secondary is disturbingly inconsistent

6. this is bull**** - why can't we close the deal? this sucks

7. Not [QB] - Just pound the **** ball

8. So, are we all in agreement we don't like [O-COORD]? Just curious.

9. the O needs to pull its weight

10. [GOOD QB] throws a pick 6 to [BAD DEFENSE] (**NOTE: Written as a predicition of the next drive)

11. he'll do better than [O-COORD] that's for sure

12. [O-COORD] - Grow a MF'n pair and use that [WR] lil b*tch

13. There is no rhyme or reason to the Jet play calling. - There is NO Rhythm.  Nothing.

14. This is going to be a long, painful season. Pathetic offense, Defense keeps us in the game. In the end we either win or lose by a touchdown or lesson depending on our luck that day. -  We haven't had a solid, consistent offense in [CITY] in years. And this year isn't looking any different.

15. [O-COORD] is the worst offensive coordinator of all time.  I hate all of this run the play clock all the way down with these dummy calls and crap.  Let the offence play, they have plenty of playmakers, eventually you have to try something.  jesus

16. Honestly, grow a pair [O-COORD]

17.  I'm officially done with [QB]

18. PATHETIC OFFENSE.  FIRE [O-COORD] NOW. - I'm so tired of having a pathetic offense that only knows how to throw short out-patterns and dump-offs to the running backs. Just wait, its only a matter of time till the [OTHER TEAM] jump one of our 5-yd out patterns and then run it back for 6.

19. [O-COORD] has been terrible

20.  I hope this is [O-COORD]'s last season - Not a fan of the guy. Our offense is so flat and one-dimensional. Its like after a couple of drives, the other team's D figures out how to shut us down the rest of the game. Why can't we ever blow anyone out?

21. Vanilla play calling all night. They can not play like this next week or they will be in big trouble.

 22. take a **** shot down field, this is pathetic - its like we're just trying to run the clock down so we can try to win 10-3, stop being soo conservative

23. [O-COORD] needs to be fired after this we didn't even pass the ball on a weak secondary we ran and they knew we was this game was played stupid but great job defense

24.  why can't we ever play to win the game instead of not lose it?

25. This is why [O-COORD] had to go two years ago

Fun little game wasn't it?  Just think, those are just some of the comments out there right now.  For the record, The Phinsider comments are all the even comments, with the GGN comments being the odd comments. 

Once again, I'm not trying to tell you not to worry about the team's performance; however, I believe there is a huge difference between a comment like, "I wish we would take more shots down the field," and "I hope this is Henning's last season - Not a fan of the guy. Our offense is so flat and one-dimensional. Its like after a couple of drives, the other team's D figures out how to shut us down the rest of the game. Why can't we ever blow anyone out?"

I will agree, our offense has some issues to work on - but it was only Week 1!  Defenses are always ahead of offenses early in the year.  And, remember, we are using a quarterback who has only seen playing time in 18 NFL games, starting just 14.  Give him some more time to get the NFL game to slow down for him, and I bet you we will suddenly see a vast improvement in his play.

Targets of Opportunity

--In case you didn't see it, Survivor: Nicaragua started last night.  Only reason I bring it up is, one of the contestants is former Dolphins Head Coach Jimmy Johnson.  Athough he is seen as one of the weakest players on his team, he did survive the first elimination.

--Ricky Williams is the new NFLPA rep for the Dolphins, replacing Greg Camarillo.  Speaking for the first time as the players' rep, Williams stated that the solidarity salute for the players going on before games isn't just for the players. Speaking to the Minnesota media during a Wednesday conference call, Williams stated:

"Ideally, we'd have people in the stands doing it, people that work in the stadium. Because if there's a lockout initiated by the owners, it's not only going to be us that suffer. It's going to be the people that work for the stadium, it's going to be the fans, it's going to be the hotels, it's going to be the economies of these cities. So it's not just about us. It's about pushing to have some kind of an agreement reached."

--Ricky also added that he doesn't think there will be a lockout next season.

"Personally, I have a positive outlook," Williams said Wednesday. "I think that we're going to come to an agreement. At least I hope that there's not going to be a lockout. I believe that we're being reasonable, and there are certain things that are important to us and we're going to fight for. But I think when it comes down to it, there's going to be an agreement reached."