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Post-Game Thread: Dolphins survive scare in Buffalo

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It was a game that was closer than it should have been. And it's certainly not going to boost the confidence of some Dolphin fans heading into their very tough next three games. But a win is a win - and the Dolphins went up to Buffalo and won  their first road opener since 2003 by knocking off the Bills 15-10.

The usual recap post will follow late tonight or early tomorrow morning. For now, here are my three initial thoughts on Miami's win:

  • Mike Nolan's defense sure looks good - and nothing like what we saw in the preseason. Cameron Wake was a force rushing the passer (and was constantly held by Buffalo's line). Karlos Dansby is going to be a big play-maker on this defense. He was all over - covering, defending the run, and rushing the passer. If not for a miscommunication in Miami's secondary (or just terrible recognition from Tyrone Culver), the Bills only put up three points.
  • The offensive line is clearly still a work in progress. I saw some good things. But they still need time to gel. Also, Richie Incognito had a rough day pulling. I saw him trip over is own to feet two or three times. That's where they are going to miss Justin Smiley. The unit did open a few lanes for Ronnie and Ricky. They did a decent job protecting Chad Henne. But nowhere near where the unit needs to be.
  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the turning point of the entire game was probably a 48 yard punt by Brandon Fields that was downed at the one yard line by Jason Allen? The momentum was clearly on Buffalo's side at that point late in the fourth quarter. But that one play really put Buffalo in an insurmountable situation.

Enjoy the rest of your football Sunday, everyone! The Dolphins are 1-0.