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Dolphins vs Bills: Prediction Time

We're now just a day away from the beginning of the Dolphins' 2010 season! So let's go around the internet and see who some of the so-called "experts" are picking in tomorrow's game:

Tom Jackson - Mia
Chris Mortensen - Buf
Adam Schefter - Buf
Mike Ditka - Mia
Pete Prisco - Buf
Mike Florio - Mia
Gregg Rosenthal - Mia
Peter King - Mia
Ron Jaworski - Mia

Many Dolphin fans seem to be thinking that Sunday's game is going to be an easy win. I'm not one of them, for the record. I think the Dolphins are going to win - but it's not going to be the blowout that some are expecting to see.

So I wanted to know how confident you all are in our Dolphins on Sunday. Do you think the Dolphins are going to simply walk into Buffalo and dominate? Or are you a little bit more worried than most?