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Phinsider Fantasy Football League Update

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[Editor's Note: Come back later for an interesting interview with a writer from Football Outsiders. And be on the lookout tomorrow for thoughts on Saturday's scrimmage and the entire first week of training camp.]

Time for a quick update on where our official Phinsider Fantasy Football League stands. Last week I announced the next four who were in line (via our lottery) to sign up for the league that is being hosted on Unfortunately, two of them never contacted me. That means it's time to announce the next two people in line to join the league and fill our final two spots.

The next two up are Tunaflipper and Neo. You two have until Wednesday to e-mail me so I can forward you the info to sign in. If not heard from by then, I will move on to the next two.

The draft is still scheduled for Sunday August 22 at 7:30 eastern.

Of course, if you still weren't lucky enough to get into our official fantasy league, you can simply run one of your own on using their outstanding Fantasy Football Commissioner product. If you sign up your league through this link I'm providing, you will receive 50% off - meaning you can use their Fantasy Football Commissioner for just $89.99 - which amounts too just $7.50 per team in you are running a 12 team league. That's nothing considering how insanely customizable their leagues are and how accurate their live scoring is - no matter how complicated your scoring system is.

And remember,  you can tell anyone you know who runs a fantasy league of their own - even if they're not regular readers of our site or even Dolphin fans - that they can run their league on for just $89.99 - as long as they use this link to sign up their league. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.