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Dolphins Training Camp Open Thread, 8/4

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The Dolphins will have two practices today - both are open to the public. The first is scheduled for 9 am this morning with the second at 8 pm tonight. I know some of you are going to the evening session. If you are, we'd love to hear about what you observe tonight.

As always, feel free to post links to practice reports below in the comments. You should also follow along with the Twitter pages of Omar KellyEthan Skolnick, Jeff DarlingtonArmando SalgueroMike Berardino, Ben Volin, and Brian Biggane.

I'm also trying something new. Below is an embedded Twitter list of all of the writers I mentioned above that should (and I stress should) update live without any refreshing - meaning you can follow along with all of the training camp action without refreshing your browser or jumping from page to page on Twitter. Try it out!

Go Dolphins!