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Which Dolphin disappointed you the most vs Falcons?

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Like I said yesterday, the full recap of Friday night's loss to the Falcons will be up tomorrow night. Since it's the weekend and fewer people are clicking around the internet, I figured why put up a lengthy post today.

Instead, I have one question for you - and it's one that I've been pondering since late last night. In yesterday's game against Atlanta, which individual Dolphin's performance disappointed you the most? That's what I want to know.

Allow me to give you a few candidates to choose from:

  • Chad Henne - Our starting quarterback had an up and down game. He wasn't terrible. But I'm sure all of you were hoping for a better follow-up to his outstanding performance last week against the Jaguars. I know I was.
  • John Jerry and/or Richie Incognito - I know I said "individual Dolphin" but I had to group these two together. Both have been working with the starters for the past two weeks - Jerry, in fact, has been a starter since camp opened. But I saw both of these guys getting shoved back too often and letting guys get into the backfield. Not what you want out of your starting guards.
  • Jared Odrick - Upon re-watching the first half, I did notice Odrick getting shoved around far more often than he has all preseason. But I guess these are the typical ups and downs of a rookie.
  • Sean Smith - The second-year corner didn't start because he was late to the stadium, according to reports. When he finally took his spot in the second quarter, he got beat badly by Roddy White on a double-move that should have resulted in a touchdown. Luckily Matt Ryan was inaccurate all night, including on that throw. Still, White had a good five yards on Smith. That's a problem.
  • Lousaka Polite - What happened to the Lousaka Monster? He failed to convert on a 4th & 1 and he whiffed on a couple of lead blocks. He was a beast when lead blocking last year so I'm not overly concerned. But disappointed? A little bit.

Those are just some you may have been disappointed in on Friday night. But I'm sure there are others. Let us know below.