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The sky is falling: What concerns you most right now about Dolphins?

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The midpoint of the preseason is always a time when fans around the league like to overreact about their team's struggles. If you've been around this site for a while, then you know that this is especially true among Dolphin fans.

After the first preseason game, many Dolphin fans were worried about the offense and how out of sync they seemed. But one week later, fans are as excited as ever about the possibilities this offense has. That's how quickly opinions can change.

With that in mind, I ask the question - through two preseason games, what concerns you the most about this team? Some options:

Dropped passes - Whether it's been Brandon Marshall or Brian Hartline, the starting Dolphin receivers have had a hard time catching the football from Chad Henne this preseason. I know Henne has a strong arm, but come on. Though you might be able to chalk it up to the weather the team has played in this preseason, there has to be a little bit of concern among many that this could be a sign of things to come, right? Or maybe many of us are overreacting here.

Offensive line struggles - During camp and during the team scrimmage, there was a lot made about how Miami's offensive line seemed to be having lots of trouble picking up Mike Nolan's blitz packages that he was throwing at them. This preseason, though, the starting offensive line has been protecting Henne well and giving the running backs some lanes to run through. Of course, opponents are yet to really test this unit by throwing at them their own blitzes. So we can't be sure yet that those early camp troubles are behind them. You also need to be concerned with how poorly the backup offensive line has performed this preseason. We all better pray that Miami's two starting tackles make it through the season injury-free, that's for sure.

Pass rushing woes - We know that the Dolphins haven't shown much of anything in the way of Mike Nolan's blitz packages, instead rushing no more than four on most plays. But you have to be a little bit concerned with the defense's inability to get to the quarterback without blitzing. The defensive line has got to generate some sort of pressure when they don't have help from blitzing linebackers or defensive backs. Otherwise these high-powered offenses that the Dolphins face in 2010 are going to give Miami fits.

Secondary struggles - This is probably my biggest concern right now. Miami's young secondary has allowed far too many big plays this preseason against offenses that aren't exactly among the best. This goes back to a trend we saw in 2009 where the young corners would look good one minute and then allow a big play the next. Sure, the Dolphins have been playing a vanilla defense. Still, these are basic base packages and Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are showing that they may not be ready to play straight up man coverage with little safety help - something Nolan asks his corners to play so that he can aggressively attack the quarterback.

Special teams play - Outside of a few booming punts by Brandon Fields and decent kick returns by Nolan Carroll, Miami's special teams have looked pretty bad. Poor blocking out of their punt formation has caused Fields to have two blocked punts already this preseason. Yes, some of it is on him because he needs to get the punt off quicker. But still, we're seeing virtually unblocked defenders getting into Brandon's face. That's inexcusable. Coverage has also been a problem this preseason, both on punts and kicks. Already this preseason, the Dolphins have allowed three kick returns of 40+ yards and a couple of 20+ yard punt returns. Those kinds of mistakes can change games in a heartbeat in the regular season.

So what worries you the most right now? Let us know below and cast your vote in our poll that's located in the right sidebar of the front page.