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Dolphins defeat Jaguars: Three initial thoughts

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Thanks to the excellent decision by Jack Del Rio not to go for two in the fourth quarter (nobody wants overtime in the preseason - let's be honest), the Dolphins went up to Jacksonville and improved to 2-0 this preseason with a 27-26 victory over the Jaguars.

I'll have full thoughts and reaction late tomorrow night after I have a chance to go back and re-watch the game. But for now, here are my three initial thoughts.

  • Yes, Brandon Marshall dropped another pass. He also caught four passes for 65 yards and threw the key block that set Anthony Fasano free for his 50+ yard touchdown. He's going to be just fine, folks. Get ready to enjoy finally having a real "alpha" receiver.
  • After a slow start on the first drive, Chad Henne was outstanding. He looked comfortable out there, made the right reads, and made excellent throws. His 11/14, 151 yard, 2 touchdown performance would have been even more impressive, too, if Marshall and Brian Hartline each didn't drop a pass. Anyone still worried about Henne? I'm not saying he's going to be great this year - don't get me wrong. But he did enough to keep the "Chicken Little" fans from shouting about the sky falling...for now.
  • The biggest concern to come out of tonight's game? The starting defense didn't look real good. Vontae Davis and Sean Smith each struggled at times tonight. However, we do have to remember these guys are only in their second season - they're still going to make mistakes. I just hope the cooaches use these mistakes to help these two guys improve.

Like I said, more to come tomorrow. For now, though, share your initial thoughts below.