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Preseason Game #2: Dolphins at Jaguars Game Thread

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Saturday, August 21, 7:30 pm ET
EverBank Field
Cloudy with 60% chance of T-storms, 86°F
SBN Jags Coverage:
Big Cat Country

The Dolphins head north up to Jacksonville tonight for their second preseason game of 2010. For those living down in South Florida, the game will air live on CBS 4. For those not in the area, you'll have to either plunk down $30 to purchase a pass to's Preseason Live or wait until the game re-airs on NFL Network, which is Monday at 11 pm according to the schedule.

Remember that any request for or posting of illegal online streams of this game will result in a temporary ban.

Hopefully the rain stays away so that the offense can get a chance to work in dry (and more importantly, non-muddy) conditions.

Use this thread for all live game discussion. Here's to an injury-free game tonight.