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Fantasy Football Focus: Which Dolphins is biggest "sleeper"?

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First of all, allow me to remind you about our live thread tonight for the Dolphins' second preseason game. Also, to those of you in our official fantasy football league, remember that our draft is tomorrow night.

Now I know many of you are in some type of fantasy football league. And if you're like me, then you always do your best to end up with at least one Dolphin on your fantasy roster. But that can make things difficult on draft day - the eternal fight between drafting with your head and drafting with your heart. You don't want to over-draft somebody just because he's part of your favorite team. At the same time, it's just more fun to have a Dolphin or two on your roster - even if they are nothing more than bye-week spot starters on your team.

A way around over-drafting your favorite players in the early rounds is to pinpoint who the sleepers might be on your favorite team. On the Dolphins this year, some potential late-round targets include Davone Bess and Brian Hartline. Chad Henne has also been getting some attention as a mid to late round quarterback to target. But will the Dolphins pass enough or any of these guys to become anything more than tiny blips on the fantasy radar?

My pick for the ultimate sleeper to target in the late rounds on draft day? The Miami Dolphins defense. That's right. I think this unit is going to surprise many - from a fantasy football perspective, of course. Mike Nolan has brought an aggressive play-making attitude to Miami. So there's no reason to think the Dolphins can't at least match their sack total of a year ago (44, which was 3rd in the league) while improving upon their number of turnovers forced (only 21 in 2009, tied for 5th fewest).

It may be a gamble, but waiting until the final round of the draft to take Miami's defense as your starting defense might be worth the risk.

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