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***Win tickets to Dolphins home opener against the Jets***

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No you are not seeing things. Thanks to the generosity of "Finhead83" we have two tickets to the week three home opener between the Dolphins and Jets at Sun Life Stadium to give away. And everyone who is over 18 years of age has a chance to win them!

Back in July, Finhead83 made this fanpost about looking to give away the tickets. Originally we were going to run a contest similar to the one we ran for the Dolphins/Patriots game. But we decided to open this up to everyone instead.

So how am I going to run this contest? Well all you have to do is post a comment in this thread saying this simple phrase: I want in.

You will then be entered in our drawing. I will take all the entries and narrow it down to ten. Then I will take those ten finalists and narrow it down to the one winner of the tickets.

How will I narrow it down? Simple. I'm going to put the user name of everyone who responds into an Xxcel spreadsheet, listing the names from 1 to 200 (or 300 or however many enter). I will then use the number generator provided at to come up with ten finalists. I will then post the names of the finalists.

A day or two later, I will alphabetically sort the user names from A to Z in Excel and list them from one to ten. Again I will use to pick the winner. I will run the random number generator over and over until one of the ten finalists have their number generated seven times. Why seven? Chad Henne's number, of course!

Whichever of the ten finalists have their number come up seven times first will win the tickets. It's that simple.

I will then announce the winner and await an e-mail from the winner so that I can put him or her in contact with Finhead83 so those two can come up with how the tickets will be delivered.

The deadline to enter this contest is Saturday August 21 at noon eastern.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Disclaimer: Matty I, The Phinsider, and SB Nation are in no way held responsible for any problems that may arise from this contest. The tickets are being put up by Finhead83, who is in no way part of the SBN team. Any disputes or issues will be between the winner and Finhead83. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.