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Fantasy Football Focus: Who should go #5?

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[Editor's Note: Our full reaction from Saturday night's ugly preseason win to follow late tonight. So be sure to check back.]

One week from tonight, the draft for the official Phinsider Fantasy Football League, hosted by, will take place. Now I know only 12 of us are in that league. But I'm sure most of you are in some fantasy football league somewhere and there's a good shot that your draft is quickly approaching as well.

With that thought in mind, I've noticed a question many seem to be debating as the days go by: who should be the fifth pick in your fantasy draft?

The first four picks in your league will be Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, and Maurice Jones-Drew (in any order). That's a safe bet. But if you are the unlucky one to get stuck with the fifth pick in the draft, where will you turn?

While the ultimate answer to this question probably depends on your scoring system, there are a number of guys people have been selecting in that unfortunate draft slot. Some are sticking with running backs and selecting Frank Gore, Michael Turner, or Steven Jackson. Others are going with quarterbacks - Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers seem to be the most popular in that slot. There's also a growing trend of first round receivers. Is fifth too high for a guy like Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, or any other of the elite receivers?

It'll be interesting to see who you all tell us you would draft if you were to end up getting that dreaded fifth pick. So let us know below.

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