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Dolphins Training Camp, Day 10: First "official" depth chart released

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Following a well-deserved day off on Sunday, the Dolphins kicked off week two of training camp by holding two practices on Monday. But the big news of the day may have been what took place in between Monday's two practices.

Dolphins release first depth chart...but does it matter?
The biggest news of the day was probably the first edition of the team-released depth chart. But Tony Sparano warns that we shouldn't put too much stock into this. He admits that he put it together based on where the team was after OTAs - not after this past week of camp. And let's face it - if the NFL didn't mandate that every team release a depth chart this week in preparation of the first real weekend of preseason games, the Dolphins wouldn't have released one.

Still, it's worth looking over. You can see the entire thing right here courtesy of the Palm Beach Post.

There are some interesting aspects of this depth chart. For example, Joe Berger is listed as the starting center - not Jake Grove. Significant? Probably not considering Grove hasn't practiced in a few days while he recovers from a minor bone bruise. But Sparano said this chart was based on where the team was following OTAs - meaning Berger actually entered camp ahead of Grove. Surprised a little? I am.

It's also interesting that Richie Incognito is listed as the starting left guard despite starting camp as the backup right guard. Donald Thomas is listed as Richie's backup at left guard while John Jerry is listed as the starter at right guard - where he's spent every camp practice since it began.

What should come as no surprise is Brian Hartline's spot as the other starting receiver. He's worked every practice as the starter on the other side of Brandon Marshall and that job is clearly his to lose - which I don't foresee happening.

The biggest joke of the entire chart? Chad Pennington is listed as the fourth quarterback, even behind Pat White. So that probably tells you all we should know about this first "official" depth chart.

At what point is it time to worry about the offensive line?
I know that Tony Sparano is an offensive line coach at heart and he loves mixing and matching his linemen for two reasons - it helps find the best five man unit and it helps these guys get acclimated to different spots in case things get crazy (like last year) and players have to play out of position due to injury. And I'm sure Sparano and his staff knows what they are doing. But still - I can't help but wonder if it's time to finally settle on a starting five - at least for a week or two - so that they can start to gel.

Why do I say this? All reports from Saturday's scrimmage indicated that Mike Nolan's defense (and exotic blitzes) wreaked havoc on Miami's offensive line. Then on Monday night, Nolan's defense reportedly tallied ten sacks against this offensive line - three for Karlos Dansby, and one each for Charlie Anderson, Randy Starks, Tony McDaniel, Cameron Wake, Jonathan Amaya, Charles Grant, and Chris McCoy.


I love hearing about how well the defense seems to be coming together as much as the next guy - especially in regards to the pass rush. After all, many people (myself included) were worried about how the Dolphins might replace the sacks they lost with Joey Porter and Jason Taylor no longer in Miami. But how soon is too soon to think that it's time to stop mixing and matching the offensive line?

Camp Quick Hits

  • Speaking of mixing and matching along the offensive line, Nate Garner saw first team reps on Monday at left guard. While I understand the need to get Garner work as a backup right tackle (just in case), I think he could quite possibly be one of the two best guards on the team. It's time for him to get more work at the position to see if he should actually be starting at one of the guard spots.
  • Omar Kelly said that the evening practice was the first practice that he saw "the offense run the ball pretty good. Strong runs by Ronnie Brown."
  • Kelly, though, isn't a fan of Koa Misi. He's been hard on him - but in a fair way. Omar said on Monday that he is yet to see anything from Misi to get all excited about. Most other writers seem to agree - nobody has really written much about Misi. Of course, that's not to say he's performed poorly. We just won't know much about Misi until he gets some game experience under his belt.
  • Rookie cornerback Nolan Carroll has been a revelation so far in camp. On Monday, Sparano echoed those sentiments - talking about how he picks things up quickly. He's also been working inside as the nickel corner a little bit in camp. Is that his long-term role with this team?
  • Greg Camarillo returned to practice and participated in both sessions on Monday after missing the past couple days with a minor groin injury. Patrick Cobbs didn't practice, however. Reports are that he's close to being back, though.
  • Interesting battle brewing for final receiver spot. Patrick Turner might have the inside track. But Marlon Moore, Julius Pruitt, Taurus Johnson and Roberto Wallance are starting to make up some ground. This battle will be interesting as the preseason gets going.

Up Next
The Dolphins have just one practice tomorrow, scheduled for 3 pm. This one, though, is closed to the public.