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Dolphins Training Camp Open Thread, 8/1

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Coming off of the first two-a-day of 2010, the Dolphins return to the practice field in the heat and humidity of South Florida. It's expected to be in the 90s again today for practice - hope these guys are holding up well under this heat.

As for yesterday, it seems like there were two big story lines. One was the return of Pat White to the practice field after an obviously false report surfaced (great reporting, Sun-Sentinel) that claimed White would miss all of camp with some issues. The other top story line was Cameron Wake looking like the pass-rushing beast we all know he can be. He reportedly beat Jake Long on three consecutive plays - which is insanely impressive considering Jake is a top three left tackle in the entire league.

In other news, Kory Sheets appears to be the most natural kick returner on the roster so far. And Randy Starks seems to be adjusting well to the nose tackle spot.

Today practice gets going at 2 pm.

For live updates on what's going on, I again suggest following along with the Twitter pages of Omar KellyEthan Skolnick, Jeff DarlingtonArmando SalgueroMike Berardino, and Ben Volin.

I'll be back late tonight or early tomorrow with a weekend roundup of camp news.

Enjoy your Sunday.