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**The winner of the Dolphins/Patriots tickets is...

It's time to finally announce who has won the two tickets to see the Dolphins and Patriots on October 4 at Sun Life Stadium. But before I do, I want to again thank "Jupiterfins" for graciously donating these tickets rather than selling them to the highest bidder.

Onto the announcement. After going through over 150 e-mails and having the list narrowed down to ten semi-finalists - as chosen by myself and Jupiterfins - and then having our fine community vote to choose one winner, the votes are in.

In a VERY close vote, winning with 52% of the final vote, the tickets will be given to...


That means Whippets2 will receive two tickets to that October 4 game on Monday Night Football.

[Note to the winner: be on the look-out for an e-mail from me to the address you used to enter the contest.]

Whippets2 is the individual who wrote the below entry. Congrats on winning the tickets!

Whippets2's entry:

My name is _____ and I have been a Dolphin fan since I was around 14, which coincides with the Dolphins and their perfect season run. I became very ill May of 2008 and in August of that year, given only 2 weeks to live I received a heart transplant. Time is not a friend to me. I have never been to see the Dolphins in Miami nor do I think that will ever get to happen as working and money are not options anymore. I do everything I can to keep my family intact as I have a very loving wife and a perfect little 7 year old girl. The thrill of getting to go to a Monday night game against the Patriots in, to me will always be Joe Robbie Stadium, would be one of the top things I would get to check off my bucket list. The steroids and rejection drugs are hell enough but knowing that you will never be the person you once were and never get to fulfill dreams of seeing the team you have rooted for eons on their home field really sucks, let me tell ya. I know whoever gets the tickets will be very deserving and fully enjoy them because the people on this board, even though they may disagree, they may argue, they may call each other names, but one thing you will never take from them, is they are all Dolphin Fans, and God Bless them all.