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**Final Vote for Dolphins/Patriots Tickets**

You will remember way back that a member of our fine Phinsider community - Jupiterfins - generously agreed to give away his two tickets to the week four Monday night game between the Dolphins and Patriots down in Miami.

I received over 150 e-mails from people writing why they should win the tickets. Then Jupiterfins and I narrowed that list down to 10. And you all voted to come up with two finalists. Well it's finally time to unveil who the finalists are and begin the final vote, with the winner receiving the two tickets.

Below are the two finalists. They shall remain nameless, though, until after the vote.

If you are a finalist and you reveal anywhere on this blog that you are one of the finalists, then you will be automatically disqualified. These entries must remain anonymous until the final winner of the tickets is announced.

You can re-read the two final entries below and then cast your vote. Voting ends on Saturday morning at 8 am eastern. I'll reveal the winner on Sunday. Good luck to both finalists.

Finalist #1
My name is _____ and I have been a Dolphin fan since I was around 14, which coincides with the Dolphins and their perfect season run. I became very ill May of 2008 and in August of that year, given only 2 weeks to live I received a heart transplant. Time is not a friend to me. I have never been to see the Dolphins in Miami nor do I think that will ever get to happen as working and money are not options anymore. I do everything I can to keep my family intact as I have a very loving wife and a perfect little 7 year old girl. The thrill of getting to go to a Monday night game against the Patriots in, to me will always be Joe Robbie Stadium, would be one of the top things I would get to check off my bucket list. The steroids and rejection drugs are hell enough but knowing that you will never be the person you once were and never get to fulfill dreams of seeing the team you have rooted for eons on their home field really sucks, let me tell ya. I know whoever gets the tickets will be very deserving and fully enjoy them because the people on this board, even though they may disagree, they may argue, they may call each other names, but one thing you will never take from them, is they are all Dolphin Fans, and God Bless them all.

Finalist #2
It would be an honor, a privilege, and a family historic event for me to win the tickets you are offering. As a boy, I grew up watching the Dolphins with Dan Marino as my unquestionable hero. My dad was a preacher in Orlando, so I never went to a regular season game. My brother and I were avid fans, racing to get home after church to watch the game. It drove my mom nuts, but Dolphin season consumed Sunday afternoons. After I left home, I went off to West Point where I would sit on Sunday’s trying to listen or watch whatever games I could get. I must admit that a Dolphin game would take precedence over study on more than one occasion.

When I was finally commissioned in the Army, I would have to live off whatever games occasionally came on TV. Twice my country called upon me to lead Soldiers in combat in Iraq. I fulfilled my duty in doing two tours in Iraq. There I would have to watch games at crazy hours in the wee mourning hours or figure out complex ways to record a game to watch it in the morning before heading out for another day of duty. In December 2009, I arrived in Iraq on my second tour during the mist of the worst Dolphin season I had ever encountered. I stuck with the Dolphins as a real fan in the 1-15 season, never not supporting my team. I will never forget how proud I was to see the Dolphins finally return to the playoffs that next year. I returned from Iraq in 2009 and my brother and I constantly talked about getting together to go see a game. Since then, I have joined the ranks of the civilian population and enjoy my new life.

I have watched or listened to the Dolphins play in foreign lands, on scratchy radios, and at hours most fans would not even consider. But, I have never watched the Dolphins play a regular season game in person. My brother and I have dreamed of a day that we can both see a game together. By some strange coincidence, I planned on being in Florida from Oct 1-5 for my High School reunion. So again, it would be an honor, a privilege, and a family historic event for me to win the tickets you are offering.