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Dolphins breaking out the orange jersey for home opener

I'm surprised nobody has made a bigger deal about this yet. But the news is somewhat hidden. Not for long.

The Dolphins announced on Monday that individual game tickets will go on sale on Saturday for the 2010 regular season. Hidden in that announcement was the fact that the Dolphins will be wearing their magnificent orange jerseys for their home opener against the Jets in week three. The game is a nationally televised Sunday night affair and is also Hispanic Heritage Night.

Despite running the risk of jinxing the Dolphins, it's always fun to note that the Dolphins are undefeated (3-0) when they wear their hideously beautiful orange jersey. And I'm sure we all remember the last game Miami broke out the orange. It was against the same Jets just last season, of course.

Great move by the organization to put on the orange for the opener. I'm pumped. I'm sure you're pumped. Now excuse me while I go find some people to randomly tackle in hopes of releasing some of this built-up energy!

[Side note: if you entered our fantasy football lottery, you might want to check out this post to see if you were selected. I still haven't heard from six of the winners to confirm their entry into our league and the deadline is Friday.]