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**Voting for second finalist of Dolphins/Patriots ticket contest**

As you all probably know, we are in the midst of a ticket contest. Thanks to "JupiterFins," one lucky Phinsider member will win two tickets to the Dolphins/Patriots Monday night game.

Of the over 150 e-mail entries I received, myself and "JupiterFins" narrowed down the field to ten semi-finalists.

The ten semi-finalists have been broken up at random into two groups of five. The top vote getter of each of the two groups will move to the finals, where you will again vote and determine who gets the tickets.

The voting for the first finalist is now complete. Below are the second five semi-finalists. The identities of the semi-finalists will not be revealed until it's all over.

Important: If you are a finalist and you reveal anywhere on this blog that you are one of the finalists, then you will be automatically disqualified. These entries must remain anonymous until the final winner of the tickets is announced.

You can read the final five semi-final entries below. The voting tool is also below. Good luck to all five of these worthy semi-finalists.

Entry #1
It would be an honor, a privilege, and a family historic event for me to win the tickets you are offering. As a boy, I grew up watching the Dolphins with Dan Marino as my unquestionable hero. My dad was a preacher in Orlando, so I never went to a regular season game. My brother and I were avid fans, racing to get home after church to watch the game. It drove my mom nuts, but Dolphin season consumed Sunday afternoons. After I left home, I went off to West Point where I would sit on Sunday’s trying to listen or watch whatever games I could get. I must admit that a Dolphin game would take precedence over study on more than one occasion.

When I was finally commissioned in the Army, I would have to live off whatever games occasionally came on TV. Twice my country called upon me to lead Soldiers in combat in Iraq. I fulfilled my duty in doing two tours in Iraq. There I would have to watch games at crazy hours in the wee mourning hours or figure out complex ways to record a game to watch it in the morning before heading out for another day of duty. In December 2009, I arrived in Iraq on my second tour during the mist of the worst Dolphin season I had ever encountered. I stuck with the Dolphins as a real fan in the 1-15 season, never not supporting my team. I will never forget how proud I was to see the Dolphins finally return to the playoffs that next year. I returned from Iraq in 2009 and my brother and I constantly talked about getting together to go see a game. Since then, I have joined the ranks of the civilian population and enjoy my new life.

I have watched or listened to the Dolphins play in foreign lands, on scratchy radios, and at hours most fans would not even consider. But, I have never watched the Dolphins play a regular season game in person. My brother and I have dreamed of a day that we can both see a game together. By some strange coincidence, I planned on being in Florida from Oct 1-5 for my High School reunion. So again, it would be an honor, a privilege, and a family historic event for me to win the tickets you are offering.

Entry #2
I grew up watching football. I can remember the "MARKS BROTHERS" and Marino connecting every Sunday. It seems as though I’ve lost track of time. It’s been a pretty busy life in the ARMY. In 1996 I graduated and joined the army. I lost track of my beloved dolphins. It seemed like they were almost going through everything I was going through. New coaches, different QB’s, and let’s not forget the confusing and frustrating time Ricky had. But looking back I understand now. I can relate to the worst being thrown your way. All you can do is hold on and keep grinding forward.

You see, 2007 I lost my best friend to a dismounted IED in Iraq (RYAN BISHOP) and two days later another (RAY BEVEL). And then our buddy (ALEX JIMENEZ) was attacked and kidnapped. We would always talk about football and I would always be made fun of. I would tell them "You’ll see we’re getting better, Ricky’s ganna smoke them fools" Ray-Ray would drop to the ground and start flopping around like a fish out of water making the exact noise dolphins do. Ryan Mock and say "Tell Ricky to mail us some of that shit he’s smoking here to Iraq." Everyone would laugh at me. I still held them close to my heart. Every chance we got to go back in out the field, I’d fish in the trash for the newspaper (Stars and Stripes) just so I could check weekly scores and stats. I’d update all the guys on their teams when I got back. I was in Iraq when I met a young lady who today is my wife. We got married in 08, the same year the Dolphins had turned it around, I remember telling my buddy that '08 would be my year before he passed away. She fell in love with the Dolphins. She watched every game and fell in love with BESS. Last year she bought me tickets to the home opener in Atlanta. Although we lost my wife defended her new team as we walked out the rowdy and rude stadium. My wife, who is also military, has been pretty sick for awhile now, but still finds the strength to overcome it. These tickets would be more for here than anyone else. She has supported me through the worst. She deserves to experience what it is to truly be a DOL-FAN.

Entry #3
For a couple of years this Miami Dolphin’s fan has been menacingly addicted to your site, specifically the RSS feed of stories which get read multiple times and then passed around to my other hardcore Dolphins fan friends. I especially enjoy the news posts, the statistical analysis, and generally how the Phinsider’s writers are consistently keeping other media beat writers honest and on their toes with amazing coverage. The added video content is great, too.

This post isn’t about me but rather it’s about another young Dolphin’s fan: my twelve-year-old brother Noah. He is not only a die-hard Dolphins fan but he also roots for the Hurricanes and has a great knowledge of the game for someone his age as a result of hours of the two of us playing Madden. The first and only football game I’ve ever taken him to was the Miami Hurricanes’ last game in the Orange Bowl in which they got blown out 47-0. We watched the entire game and were truly saddened by the beating but the then nine-year-old Noah didn’t want to leave because he truly understood and appreciated the Hurricanes’ legacy in the Orange Bowl. I haven’t been able to take Noah to a game since because I’ve been in college for the past four years but we regularly speak about all things football.

Three weeks ago I found out that Noah has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and that for the next couple of months he’ll be receiving regular chemotherapy treatments. Being so far away is extremely difficult and emotionally stressful but I graduate in August and I’ll be moving back down to Miami. When I read about this contest on The Phinsider I instantly wanted to write an essay in the hope that I can surprise my brother with some tickets to a Dolphins game, particularly this game because unbeknownst to me the kid is enthralled by Tom Brady. For years he’s had a poster of the man on his wall (right next to a Dolphins one), worn his jersey, and followed his numbers. If we’re lucky enough to go to this game he’ll likely be wearing a jersey with Brady’s name but he’ll most definitely be cheering on the Dolphins.

Thank you Jupiterfins for giving the tickets and thank you Phinsider for providing such a great opportunity.

Entry #4
Greetings Phinsider. My name is _______. I am a stay at home mother of 2 and I am married to a soldier in the United States Army. I am a huge Miami Dolphins fan and have always wanted to go to a game. I've never been to a football game outside of a high school game over a decade ago. But that is not the main reason that I think I deserve to win these tickets.

The reason I am a stay at home mother is because my youngest daughter has special needs, I won't get into details as I am not trying to win these tickets by a pity vote. But seeing as I am a stay at home mother, I rarely get to get out of my house to go enjoy myself. I haven't had a vacation in I don't know how long and would enjoy a chance to get out and watch some Dolphins football.

Not only that, but my husband should be home from his deployment to Afghanistan by the time this game will be and I would enjoy getting to have a little mini vacation with my husband after such a long time apart.

I hope to hear the news that I have won the tickets, if I don't, then congratulations go to the person who does.

Entry #5
I am an out of work teacher, who is a life long Dolphins fan. My son, Max, who will be four September, is also a "life long " dolphins fan. To be serious, he is actually very enthusiastic about football, and the Dolphins in particular. He often plays Madden with me on the XBOX, and insist on riding in my car, since mine has the Dolphins stickers, floor mat, and license plate and my wife’s car does not. As residents of Pembroke Pines, it’s not uncommon for us to drive by the Sun Life Stadium (if we are still calling it that.) Max is aware that this is where the Dolphins play, and always ask to go there as we drive by. It is disheartening as a father to not be able to do these things for your son, and it’s doubly disappointing when he wishes to follow in the family tradition of cheering on the Miami Dolphins. Some of my earliest memories are of my father taking to see games at the OB, and I only wish I could do the same for my son.

Those are the final five semi-finalists. Good luck to all five. Voting is below. Voting will close on Thursday at 10 pm eastern. And remember: If you are a finalist and you reveal anywhere on this blog that you are one of the finalists, then you will be automatically disqualified.