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Friday Vote: Who do you want to start at free safety?

Right now the hot topic in Miami seems to be who ends up starting at free safety for the Dolphins in 2010. Obviously this story has been moved to the forefront since O.J. Atogwe became an unrestricted free agent a few days ago.

Since then, fans and media alike have been debating the pros and cons of the Dolphins getting involved in the bidding for the free agent safety. And let's not forget that we really have no idea if the Dolphins are even interested in Atogwe.

Regardless it's an interesting debate. So I'm curious to see what our community thinks. If it was up to you, who would you want the Dolphins to start at free safety in week one?

Chris Clemons - The second year pro didn't see too much action in his rookie season last year. But he's been working with the first team defense for most - if not all - of the offseason. He's got the physical tools to be a solid starter in this league. He possesses the speed to roam center field and play sideline to sideline. He just needs to prove he can handle the mental aspects of the position - things like communicating before the play and then reading and reacting to the offense. The more reps he gets, the more likely he is to improve in those areas.

Tyrone Culver - Culver is the veteran of the current in-house options. He's spent two seasons in Miami and has seen some action in all but one game. He even started twice last season. He doesn't have the physical speed Clemons possesses but has more experience and has a much better grasp of the mental aspect of playing the position. Currently, though, Culver is working with the second team as Yeremiah Bell's backup at strong safety.

Reshad Jones - The rookie out of Georgia is currently working as the second team free safety. He played both free and strong safety in college at Georgia, where he made his share of plays. He's not as fast as Clemons, though he's not slow, either. How quickly Jones is able to adjust to the speed of the game at this level and how quickly he's able to learn the defense will impact how much of an opportunity Jones gets at starting.

O.J. Atogwe - As we've discussed, Atogwe is one of the top safeties in the game and is currently an unrestricted free agent. Therefore he's probably looking for a big contract. Will he get it? That depends on how many teams have interest in him. Right now, we really don't know. Hell - we have no idea if the Dolphins even have any interest. But if they do, the question then centers on money. How much would the Dolphins be willing to pay? If it was up to you, how much would you be willing to pay? If you think he's worth a deal worth $7+ million per year, then you'll probably vote for him to be the starting FS in Miami this year. But if you aren't so sure you're in favor of handing him that kind of cash, then Atogwe probably isn't for you...because that's the kind of contract he's likely going to get.

Ken Hamlin - Hamlin has been a free agent since being released on April 2 by the Cowboys. No team has shown much interest in him - for good reason. The former Pro Bowler has just one interception in two seasons since making the Pro Bowl in 2007 in his first season in Dallas. He hasn't even been connected to the Dolphins, either. However, there was a brief time on Thursday in which some thought the Dolphins were showing interest. He tweeted that he was heading to Miami, leading the Sun-Sentinel to create a mini-frenzy by saying he might be coming to Miami to work out for the team. They backtracked when they learned the real reason - that he was coming for a party at a club in South Beach on Friday followed by a charity event this weekend. However, late on Thursday Hamlin tweeted that "Miami would be a nice place to play huh? What do yall think? Who has Ireland's and Sparano's direct line?" Now I'm no big fan of Hamlin's. But he'd come much cheaper than Atogwe, for those who don't want to simply trust the guys already on the roster.

So what do you think? Cast your vote and then discuss below...