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Weekend Roundup: Talking Brandon Marshall & more

We are in the heart of the "dead time" of the NFL offseason. But training camp is just over a month away - and that has to excite all of you.

News will be slow for the next few weeks. But there was still some news this past weekend - thanks in large part to Brandon Marshall's football camp on Saturday.

Marshall says he's feeling good and expecting greatness
At his youth football camp, Brandon Marshall had some time to talk with the media members who were in attendance. Needless to say, Marshall had a lot to say about many topics.

First and foremost, Brandon says he will be ready do go for training camp next month. He told the media that he's "feeling great" and that he will be "ready to go full speed" when camp begins.

The headlining quote from his few minutes talking to the media, though, was what his expectations are for this season:

"I’m not making a prediction. But this is going to be a great year for us, and for me probably the best year I’ve had."

Best he's had? Well if we're talking statistics, then Marshall is saying that he'll be putting up a 100 reception, 1300 yard, 10 touchdown season. I'd take that - though I just don't know if Miami's offensive philosophy will allow for that kind of production out of one receiver, no matter how amazingly talented Brandon is.

But maybe Marshall just wasn't talking about his own personal offensive production. Maybe he was talking about the team's goals. Here's something to keep in mind: Brandon has never been on a team that has won more than nine games or has reached the post-season.

So perhaps Marshall, by predicting 2010 will be the best year he's ever had, is simply saying that he believes this team will be a playoff team.

Marshall also spoke highly of his new head coach. He said of Tony Sparano:

"The word that comes to mind is passion. You take on the character of your leader. Coach Sparano, being our leader, he's really passionate and emotional about football and it trickles down to our locker-room."

As you can see, the honeymoon remains in full effect. All is well right now. Sparano is "passionate and emotional" right now. But what would happen if the season takes a turn for the worse and that passion and emotion is replaced by anger and frustration? How will Marshall feel about Sparano then?

Hopefully we never find out.

Quick Hits
Some more nuggets from the weekend: