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**Win two tickets to Dolphins/Patriots Monday Night game**

That's right, everyone. For the first time in this site's history, we will be giving away tickets to a Dolphins regular season game!

The game is the week 4 Dolphins/Patriots game scheduled for Monday, October 4 at 8:30 pm.

Before I get into the contest details, let's talk about where these tickets are coming from.

They are actually being donated to us from one of the members of our Phinsider community: JupiterFins. He's a season ticket holder but won't be able to make it to this particular game. But let's allow him to explain why he's givving away the tickets to us in his own words:

I have been a regular visitor to the Phinsider for a little over a year now. I rarely post, but I read all of your comments, fan posts, and fan shots. It’s really nice to see a group of folks share their passion, insight, and humor on what I believe to be one of the premiere sports blogs out there. We all share a passion, the passion for Miami Dolphins football. I have been lucky enough to move to South Florida and to become a Dolphins season ticket holder. Unfortunately for me, (but fortunately for one of you) my job requires me to travel about 8 months a year so I am unable to attend all of the home games. I usually sell my unused tickets on Stubhub, but this year I wanted to try something a bit different. I got together with Matty and we came up with this contest to give away my two tickets to the Fins vs. Pats Monday night game to one lucky winner.

The tickets are in the 400s (which is where the best fans are), section 412 (25 yard line), row 5, aisle seats. I will ship the winner the tickets when I receive them in late July, or early August. I would only ask that if you enter the competition you are not already a season ticket holder. I am hoping that somebody who might not have had an opportunity gets the chance to go to a home Monday night game. In the end however, I am simply glad to give another Fins fan a chance to go and watch OUR TEAM beat the Patriots!


The Texas-Montana-Florida Connection

So how am I going to give these two tickets away? The details are below.

Together, Jupiterfins and I have come up with the idea for the contest. And here it is: tell me why you should be the one to receive these two tickets. Not in the comments of this post, though. Instead, you have to send your entry to

Only entries e-mailed to will be accepted and reviewed.

I will then read over the entries and narrow the list down to five, which I will post for you all to read. Then our great community will vote for which of the five entries is most deserving.

So what are the rules for the entries? That's simple - there are just a few:

  • Your entry must be e-mailed to and must be included in the body of the e-mail...not as an attachment that I must open.
  • Your entry can't be any longer than 400 words. If you aren't sure how long it is, copy and paste it into MS Word and use the "word count" feature.
  • You must be a member of our blog and you must include your username in the e-mail.
  • I must receive your e-mail by Sunday, July 4.

What should the e-mail be about? Just tell me why you think you should be awarded the two tickets. It could be because you're the most fanatical Dolphins fan around. If that's the case, tell me why you think that. Or it could be something more personal than that.

If you have any questions, ask below in the comments.

And I'd like to publicly thank Jupiterfins for donating these two tickets to our great community!

Good luck to everyone who enters.