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Dolphins suggest Brandon Marshall not go on air with total fool Sid Rosenberg

Often times, a story comes along that really doesn't even have a right being a story. But somebody in the media just has to blow it out of proportion. Every once in a while, though, I just can't help myself from talking about that ridiculous story myself.

This happens to be one of those stories.

(Before I go on, I do want to warn that some of the subject matters and comments mentioned below are rather inappropriate. If you're easily offended, I'd suggest passing this one by.)

ProFootballTalk points out that the Dolphins reportedly pulled the plug on an interview that Brandon Marshall was supposed to do with WQAM's Sid Rosenberg. Per this report from PFT's Mike Florio, the Dolphins reached out to Marshall's people and suggested he avoid going on the air with the loud-mouth jackass. It's believed that somebody within the Dolphins' organization was listening to Rosenberg's show (why somebody would subject themselves to that is beyond me) and heard Rosenberg talking with Florio about what Rosenberg would ask Brandon if Sid decided to go through with the interview. The report indicates that "Sid planned to grill Marshall like a foil-wrapped trout laid on a bed of burning charcoal. "

You can hear Rosenberg's discussion with Florio on the WQAM website. Of course, with Rosenberg being virtually impossible to listen to unless you're a transplant New Yorker living in South Florida, I'll spare you the torture that is subjecting yourself to that blowhard and highlight some of the key points from their discussion about what Sid should talk about with Marshall.

Rosenberg made it a point to bring up how he wouldn't be asking him things really having to do with football. He told Florio, "I don't care about Xs and Os. I'm going to go right for the jugular." He said he wanted to talk about how Brandon "was a complete jackass" just last year. Sid stressed how he was "going to put this guy on the grill."

Rosenberg even asked Florio what controversial question he would have to ask Marshall to guarantee an article on Florio's website.

What a complete tool, right?

To fully understand the irony in all this, though, you have to know about Sid's own past. Many of you probably know Sid as an obnoxious, arrogant, self-promoting transplant from New York. But what you may not realize is that Rosenberg's past is every bit as checkered and controversial as that of Brandon Marshall. Sid's may even be worse.

Rosenberg has been involved in many on-air controversies over the years - particularly when he was with WFAN in New York. Some of his highlights - or lowlights, I suppose - include saying "faggots play tennis" and delcaring that female soccer players were just "juiced up dykes." He also told Don Imus that Palestinians are "stinking animals" and that we "ought to drop the bomb right there, kill 'em all right now."

But the most disgusting comment ever to come out of Sid's wretched mouth was when he seemingly mocked music artist Kylie Minogue when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, saying that "she won't look so pretty when she's bald with one t--."

Rosenberg was taken off of the Imus in the Morning show by WFAN following that comment. But he still had a job with WFAN even after all of these disgusting comments as co-host of their mid-day show. That changed, however, when Rosenberg decided to simply blow off his duty as host of the Giants' pre-game show for the station on September 11, 2005. It was reported that Sid was given the opportunity to turn in his resignation or else he would be fired.

Personally, Rosenberg has had an admitted problem with cocaine, having twice been admitted into rehab for cocaine addiction. DirecTV also filed a lawsuit against Sid for openly admitting he was stealing their satellite signal and even suggesting that Don Imus do the same.

He's a real winner, huh?

Despite this absurdly ridiculous past, the turd known as Sid Rosenberg still found a job down in South Florida - which has to make you wonder what the hell is going on at WQAM. Of course, we all know that controversial hosts help generate ratings, which explains how this train wreck was able to find work so easily after being dismissed from WFAN.

The point of this, though, is to show how hypocritical it is for Sid to want to "grill" Brandon Marshall about his past.

Considering the second and third chances Sid has gotten in his profession, shouldn't he be less likely to bring up Marshall's past mistakes and be more understanding than most?

The way I see it, if Marshall was ever going to do an interview with Rosenberg, it would only be fair for Brandon to "grill" Sid about his past if Sid was going to "go for the jugular" and attack Marshall's past.

In my opinion, I think that Marshall made a huge statement of his own about how he's matured and grown as a person by taking the team's advice and not walking into that likely on-air ambush.

The same, unfortunately, can't be said about Rosenberg and his maturity. And that's a shame.