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Who do Dolphin fans hate most?

The term "hate" is a strong word. Many believe that nobody should truly hate anybody. Dislike? Sure. But hate? Not so much.

But in sports, "hate" isn't a bad word. We're all fans. And as fans, there are just some players and coaches we can't stand. Do we wish any harm on them? Probably not. But do we hope they fail miserably? You're damn right we do.

So who is currently the most hated person in the eyes of Dolphin fans? That's what I'm here to find out.

Below I've listed a few candidates. You can read what I have to say about them before voting if you'd like. Then after you vote, tell us why you hate the person you voted for more than anyone else.

Bill Belichick - He's the head coach of the team who has dominated the division for nearly a decade. He lacks any kind of personality. He dresses like he's homeless. And he's been involved in a number of scandals (writing his sudden resignation from the Jets on a napkin as well as "Spygate" - to name the obvious).

Tom Brady - The quarterback who has been Belichick's best player, leading his team to three Super Bowls. The media drools over him. Women seem to be fond of him, too. He's got the super model wife. And is just to easy to dislike opposing quarterbacks.

Mark Sanchez - Like I said, it's easy to dislike opposing quarterbacks. But Sanchez makes it even easier. He's overrated. He did that ridiculous spread in GQ. It's obvious that the kid just loves being a celebrity and can't get enough attention. Yet on the field, he hasn't proven anything. Again, the media also plays a role. For some reason, he gets shoved down our throats - considering he really hasn't accomplished anything.

Rex Ryan - Is he a good coach? Yes. Do the players love playing for him? Yes. But he's so easy to dislike. He's your typical fat, obnoxious loud-mouth. He's arrogant. He flashed some Dolphin fans the middle finger at an MMA event this past offseason. And who can forget how he picked a fight through the media with Channing Crowder. Even this year, he just can't help but bring up Crowder when talking to the media. Coming from a family known for being arrogant SOBs, none of this comes as a shock.

Bart Scott and Calvin Pace - I'm grouping these two jackasses together because they both had to run their mouths and bash the Dolphins even after the Dolphins beat the Jets. Scott took it one step further, even mocking the Dolphins after they beat his Jets for the second time in 2009.

Jason Taylor - I personally don't hold his departure from Miami against him. But some do. And those that do probably will at least consider voting from him as the player they hate the most right now.

Brett Favre - He was only a member of a division rival for one season. But it's easy to dislike the media darling. He's obviously a drama queen and attention whore. Who can forget Favre holding a press conference to announce he hasn't decided if he'll retire or return? Wow. And the media feeds into this, analyzing his every move. Wait...what's that? Ed Werder is reporting that Brett Favre just wiped his ass. Wow.

Nick Saban - It's been a number of years. But it's still tough for some to get over. Saban's blatant lying to the media about his intentions to leave the Dolphins for the Alabama job was pretty bad, though. And then when you hear the stories of how poorly Saban treated people during his days in Miami, it's easy to still dislike this tool.

So who gets your vote?