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Video Time: Week 4 vs Bills

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It's that time again - time to re-live the season that was. Of course, being the homers we all are, we'll only focus on the games that the Dolphins won.

So let's rewind all the way back to week four. The Dolphins were 0-3 and Chad Henne was making his first career start. While Henne played alright (14/22 for 115 and a TD), Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams stole the show offensively. On the defensive side of the ball, Cameron Wake and Jason Taylor each tallied 2.5 sacks. Will Allen had two interceptions. And rookie Vontae Davis got his first career interception - which he ran back to the house.

It was just a solid 38-10 win.

The video is after the jump. Enjoy.

The video is courtesy of the National Football League. The embedding is courtesy of the fine folks at Dallas Dolfans.